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Bound for Eternity

by betterthingstocome
copyright 05-25-2013

Age Rating: 18 +
Bound for Eternity

***Bound For Eternity***
Cold restless nights so full of life.
Seeking and searching for the one whom I'm to be his wife.
Shattered dreams of things to come.
Broken lanterns with very little light to see from.
Silently creeping along the way.
I must find him before night turns to day.
Tightness I feel inside my veins burns with every breath.
Moon is at cresant slowly fading to my death.
Will I find him out here in this night?
Did I miss him did he pass by in my sight?
In desperation I scour lanes, valleys, and hills.
I've taken his hand now as our blood together spills.
Time here is about to pass us by.
Laying here in this cold world beside my guy.
Come morning light our flesh shall vaporize.
Blood in our veins will dry and crystallize.
At last peace in this world we've found together.
Bonded with each other we'll last now forever.

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        12-29-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

This was beautiful, and presented visually stunning imagery in head as I read it. Like being in a dream almost, searching the night for a love so dear. It touched my heart, as I felt I was in a fantasy. And the love for this person that you presented was perfect. Forgive if I'm wrong, but it sounds like vampires, but if it is or isn't it's still beautiful. A tapestry of emotions that flows smoothly. Great job.

        06-11-2013     phantomwrays        

I really enjoyed this poem. Maybe I am asking an obvious question, but it seems to me you are describing being in a dream? At least that is what I got, especially from these lines: 'I must find him before night turns to day.' 'Come morning light our flesh shall vaporize.' I understand that feeling, I often have dreams where I feel I am searching for someone, and when I finally find them, I wake up. Beautiful poem, your choice of words create a vivid picture.

        06-10-2013     Rachel Brown        

Betterthingstocome, This poem makes me want to
cry its so heartbreaking what ever your inspiration for this piece it must have been terribly heart breaking alright. I love the ebb and flow of this poem though. It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers .
So touching . I love it Well done .

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