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by Megan Johnston (Age: 21)
copyright 07-09-2013

Age Rating: 13 +

He stalks you during the night,

ready to give you more than just a fright,

you have to find a page or a teddy bear,

and the games are never fair,

he will sneak up on you at your weakest,

just like the sun with all it's neatness,

he will watch you with his faceless stare,

when you're safe and sound inside your lair,

he will grab you then its to late,

congradulations! you just met your fate,

no one can escape this faceless man,

because he can do what no man can.

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        02-18-2016     Susan Brown        

Sounds like a familiar reaper has arrived in sleeting shades of chilly winter. Slender makes an interesting title. Thread like. Leaving us February bare. Easy to feel and touch this.

        05-31-2015     Jacqueline Ives        

I don't know "Slenderman", but it is a good, scary picture of childish fears and fantasy. There are a few mistakes. Should be "too late", and (a common error) "its" when it is possessive.
However, the child-like style matches the subject.

        02-28-2014     Adam David Mckim        

At first I didn't get the title until I read the first line of this poem and I got all excited cuz I knew it was slenderman!!! Love this poem though I never played the game myself, I've seen the videos of the gameplay and it creeps me out lol.

        12-03-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

Ugh I remember my friends used to always get me to watch slenderman & it was so creepy & I couldn't sleep afterward. I think you did a good job capturing that real creepy & disturbing vibe of some faceless being creeping up on you while you're asleep & taking you away to a place of nightmares where you can't escape from. Its weird. I especially love the line the games are never fair, cuz given the circumstances they aren't really in your favor. Good job. Well written.

        11-28-2013     Frank Fields        

This is a disturbing write precisely because it is so vague. That is, a specific focal point or subject isn't really brought out. Which leaves a lot to the imagination. Which is good. I would have liked to have known, however, even if just vaguely, what it is that this faceless man can do that others can't. Congratulations, btw, is spelled as I just did. A minor technical observation. All in all, interesting and dramatic. Enjoyed. ^^

Frank :)

        11-05-2013     Brittney N. Nasca        

Some of my friends from school made me watch Slenderman recently and after the first two episodes I was just like "NOPE!" This captures that creepiness very well.

However, in the fourth line "and the games are never ever fair" the word "ever" interrupts the flow when someone is reading it to themselves, because it's an extra word that is not needed. The mind automatically goes to jump to the next word "fair" but stops for a moment when you see the word "ever". Try reading things like this to yourself out loud. Does it sound more stilted or free to say "and the games are never ever fair" compared to "and the games are never fair".

Don't get me wrong though, those are only words of advice. This is a very good poem :)

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