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A Manís Thanksgiving

by Mike Farr (Age: 66)
copyright 11-20-2013

Age Rating: 18 +
A Manís Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Day 2013,
I’m expecting fifteen to twenty hooligans throughout the course of the day,
To stuff their faces and knock em back,
Thanksgiving Day,
With all the blessings,
A twelve pound bird,
With all the dressings,
There’s all the food,
That one can eat,
Just grab a plate,
And take a seat,
It's open bar,
With lots of cheer,
The Game is on,
There’s lots of beer,
It’s serve yourself,
You fetch your own,
I’m not your mom,
You’re not at home,
So Drink and Gorge,
And ride the couch,
This is the day,
To be a slouch,
Happy Thanksgiving Folks,
Hope y'all have a Great Day,
Eat Drink and be Merry,
For this is certainly the day for that,
Green Bay Packers - Detroit Lions
Oakland Raiders - Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers - Baltimore Ravens

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        11-27-2013     Alan Reed        

well crafted, as always. a real mood setter for the machos in the house. and the illustrations make it even better. nice word selection that adds to the whimsical tone of the write. kudos

        11-21-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

Sounds like a great day at your house. I'd love to come, but have a feast to put on myself. Loved your poem. Well put together and sounds like your all excited to begin the turkey and
watch the ball games. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and enjoy the visit and the games.

Hugs to you....

        11-20-2013     triptych        

It's very... tight. Words aren't wasted, which is great.
It's a nice light-hearted piece, very appropriate for American Thanksgiving.

I would suggest changing up the punctuation, thereby breaking up sentences; that would make everything a bit clearer.

        11-20-2013     Frank Fields        

LOL! Is the only thing that comes to mind. Except to want to be #21. But for all that, thanks for an entertaining piece. And one which is tight and nicely woven. The images, well I suppose they also work. Appreciated the banter, but also the poet behind the work. ^_~

Frank :)

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