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One Little Miracle

by Jackie Moranty
copyright 11-25-2001

Age Rating: 1 +
One Little Miracle

Miracle is a kitten
who’s lucky to be alive.
A tiny little thing
with big brown-yellow eyes.

A severe case of mastitis
made Miracle’s queen forlorn
because she couldn’t feed her kittens
from the moment they were born.

So I got out the bottles,
and fed the litter of three,
but Miracle was the only one
to survive the whole six weeks.

Now she thinks that I’m her mom.
She’s either human, or I’m a cat.
And, the reason that I spin this yarn
is to think a little more on that.

I wanted to train her to go
to the bathroom like humans do,
but to do that, I had to think like a cat,
and I didn’t have a clue.

I knew that I could train her,
and I’d do a job so fine
the circus would be jealous.
I just had to get into her mind.

So I sat and watched this kitten
and I tried to understand
why she did the things she does,
but it was hard for this cowhand.

No matter what I did
or how hard I tried,
the more commands I gave,
the less she would abide.

I can talk with most critters.
You can be sure of that.
The only animal that I can’t figure,
Just happens to be the cat.

I can speak “Doglish” with ease,
and I’ve tamed mean billy goats.
I move cattle without a care.
I know all those by rote.

I can train a thousand-pound horse
from up there on his back.
So why is it that I’m having fits
training a five-pound cat?

The worst part of the problem
is that it seems that SHE’S trained ME.
Every time I hear a meow, I say,
“What’s the matter, my little sweetie?”

November 25, 2001

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        12-19-2001     Jackie Moranty        

This cat sure owns me. I never was a cat person until my daughter came along, she loves her kitties.


        12-19-2001     M.E. (Bunny) Eastveld        

Good one, Jackie, Congrats on the win. BTW: you can own a dog, or a goat, or a horse...but a cat OWNS YOU!!!! Bunny (former catperson)

        12-09-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks much, John. Sorry to hear about your back, hopefully, you're recovery will be quick. Cats really are their own people, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm my own cat. . . Jackie

        12-09-2001     John Mcleod        

Jackie, sorry it took me so long to comment my friend, I have been off work with a sore back lol. I loved this one and have in the past written poems about cats.
I loved the read here, it shows truly that a cat is it's own person.

Congratulations on winning, you deserved it!


        12-06-2001     Jackie Moranty        

I'm in the same boat, Bob. The harder I try, the less I understand about these critters.

        12-06-2001     Bob Church        

Truthfully, I don't know why we even give cats names-- most of them won't come when we call them, anyway. They do tend to dress up a place, though, damn their hides. I've had a love/hate relationship with the accursed critters forever.

Congratulations on your achievement! It's very deserving.

        12-05-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks, Marilyn. I do believe that cats are an entity all their own. The more I try to understand them, the less I understand about them. They're great animals to have around because they keep me humble. LOL Jackie

        12-05-2001     Marilyn Mackenzie        

Congrats, Jackie. You and your poem are winners! (I guess, so is the cat.)

From my "I'm So Thankful"....
Cats don't worship people like dogs do. They believe they have worth on their own. They believe they have value not associated with people. They like themselves. Perhaps we can learn something from them.

I often think cats are like some people I know.
They act like they don't really care. Yet, as you walk away, you can steal a glance and notice that they really ARE watching you.

Your poem captured the cat perfectly. Thanks!

        12-03-2001     Jackie Moranty        

I have sent it off to Furry Tales, Amanda is looking at the submissions this week and will let me know if I'm accepted. Thanks so much David for your help and support. Jackie

        12-02-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks so much all of you for your kind comments. And, Robert thanks for recommending me for Full Membership. It's a great honor to be chosen both to win the contest and for Full Membership. Jackie

        12-02-2001     Nan Jacobs        

:-) Way to go, jackie! Congratualtions!

        12-02-2001     Beverley McInnis        

Congratulations on your win, Jackie! It is very well deserved!

        12-02-2001     Kay Lee Kelly        

Iloved this, also an owner of a Trained Cat (G)

        12-02-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks so much Kelly and Karen. Karen, you have been such an inspiration to me! Even if you wrote a poem when I was down and couldn't think of an answer. LOL Thanks again, you're wonderful. Jackie

        12-01-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Nan, I'm not sure if you were talking to me or Paulette. LOL Thanks, Paulette, most of my stuff is pretty much like this. Whatever animal has an episode gets a poem or story. You'd think that's all we do out here on the Dodge Rock is watch animals. . . . O.K., so that IS all we do out here. Jackie

        12-01-2001     Nan Jacobs        

LOL! :-) You ain't seen nuttin yet. hehehehehe

        11-29-2001     Paulette Weaver        

Oh Jackie,
what a beautiful poem...I am an avid cat lover, have two, so this hits a high note, your choice of descriptive stance is priceless and endearing...bravo...more, more

        11-29-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks, Sunny, This little gal has me wrapped around her little fuzzy paw, that's for sure. Jackie

        11-27-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks, Sam and Terry. The ranch is pretty entertaining. Even if I am just talking about a cat. LOL Jackie

        11-27-2001     Sam Dreamweaver Martin        

Another great yarn.. thanks Jackie,,, :o)

        11-26-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks, David and Bev, I'll try to get ahold of Furry Tales and see if I can send them a copy of this one. This kitten sure took over my life since she's been around. My life, my lap, my bed. . . She's a little doll, though. Just wish that I could have gotten into her head and got her trained. *sigh* Can't win them all! Jackie

        11-26-2001     Beverley McInnis        

~laughing~ Jackie, this poem cracks me up! Of course Miracle is training you, that is the job of the train their "humans." And they certainly do a fine job of it. Gotta love that independence!

        11-26-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks to both of you. Heck, I give up on training cats. They really are to independent to get much done with. I'd love to get the job done, but I just can't understand the way a cat thinks. I'll stick to dogs and horses. They're a bunch easier to train. LOL Jackie

        11-25-2001     Betty Eskdale        

That's a cat for you, independant and boss both...nice little yarn, Jackie, she sounds very sweet!

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