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No Big Deal

by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 11-25-2014

Age Rating: 16 +

For nine years at school we named our presidents

wars and battles (that were won)

sang My Country Tis of Thee (to the tune of the British Anthem)


Pledged allegiance, to a flag

No big deal

Boys trained simple, maybe plain


Played baseball, had girlfriends

Studied harder 'cuz we wasn't as smart

Got into college

No big deal


I pledged once more

Secret songs, secret handshake

Survived Hell Week (but cried when they put that black mask over my head)

I truly believed I had failed

I hadn't

No big deal


A call, my mom

All of a sudden (and for 20 weeks) I was lost

Dan was gone

Told him to keep his grades up

He didn't, got classified 1A

In Danang

A rocket attack while his tent was sleeping


It was deep fall

went to Greenlake anyway

I think the zoo attendants at Woodland Park thought I was a streaker

All I remember was feeling cold

and watching the stars


Nine white-bellied dolphins

and a powder blue porpoise

led my ship of shillings

through the morning sun


Scared shitless then, I never looked back

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        01-15-2015     phoenix        

While I'm no soldier myself yet, since I come from a military family. I can appreciate the realism and truth within this poem so keep up the good work.

        01-01-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Alan,

No Big Deal,

I can relate to this stuff, by golly we must be near the same age. I remember dead week as the week before final exams, but Hell week I know as a Special Forces event, one week with out sleep, from Monday to Sunday, living on sea racks and abuse. Iím still pondering the black mask as some sort of fraternity initiation.
As usual your work herein is unique and a pleasure to read and ponder. A piece that requires thought is a darn good piece indeed.

Great work Alan,

        12-28-2014     Jacqueline Ives        

I see the parallel with Britain (my homeland). I like "wars and battles (that we on)" etc. I also like the "nine white-bellied dolphins" and all the description, and the story of what happened.
Myself, I have never ventured to experiment with colour. I should. In all fairness, I can read yours quite clearly, and my eyes have not been good this year.

        12-18-2014     Alan Reed        

Yeah. That was a bad experiment with the font color. Thank you.

        12-16-2014     Wayne Thomas        

The color you picked is hard for me to read, but as always you have something interesting to say and you say it so very well. Well done, sir, well done. Yet sometimes we do look back--without even meaning to--and sometimes scare ourselves all over again, eh? Very good write. Thanks for sharing.

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