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By The Crystal of Hope

by Rachel Brown (Age: 29)
copyright 06-29-2015

Age Rating: 18 +

I had witnessed 

a destruction  worse than any could imagine  possible

I will not  forget ,

the  bloodshed    which was  carried  out   by    the 

gods  of  anchiant   beliefs

pain  was  everywhere I  looked and    the  reminder that we

were about  to  lose  our lives ;

I  know  its   too late now  to  make   the  diffference  

in the   world    around  us   and  yet   I   sense   that  my  duties   are  only   just  beginning  and 

none   could avert  it  any longer  than it   already had    been 

since then .

I  will  never   

allow  another   to  distract  this  soul  

the  way   it had   been  from   the   start   of  who  I  am  now ,

This  is   the  heart 

that  existed in   such  anchient  times  but   alas

this  time   I   will  not  go  down   the  way  I  did 

before ;

I   will   complete   the  life   I   was  meant   to 

to  live  decades  ago and never give  up  till   my   times  come  

to   give into  death's  cold  embrace  alas 

this  is  the  day   of  light and  a crystal hope 

soon  to   come  unto  us   from beyond .


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        07-31-2015     Jacqueline Ives        

I believe in this, too. There are a few errors. Ancient, spelt differently twice, is ancient, and there is a repetition of "to" at the end of one line and the beginning of another. I like your resolve and determination.

        07-30-2015     phoenix        

It's been far to long, without reading you're work lol, this was a good poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :), it looks like you've improved since I've been on hiatus as well.

Keep up the good work E.S.

        07-28-2015     Alan Reed        

Your work is constantly improving I feel. This piece is solid in delivering a message of strength and with some passion. It is a bit loose but very nicely written and thought out.

        07-26-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Rachel,

By The Crystal of Hope,

I like it!

This poem has steadfast written throughout its verses, as it made me reflect back on my own poem (reincarnation), you are correct in your thoughts, only the flesh is destroyed, as the spirit moves ever forward towards its final mission, and I am sure that you will embrace and complete yours with honor and dignity. I see a new diversified Rachel in this fine piece, very well done, you have earned you stripes.

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