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by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 07-28-2015

Age Rating: 13 +

Visualize the moment

Where your body swoops

Through a membrane of glass

In ultra-slow motion

And the invisible wall

Splinters into a puzzle of light

Blustering soft shards

That wind down

To reveal a dna code

And choral ode

Of jubilation and of tragedy


And let's think

That you are that vessel of glass

And love is the body.

You see it coming

and fast

And know it is unstoppable.

What chance do you stand

Versus mortal weight

Set ablaze by sires of time.


And there are two cosmos

You strive to keep


With a wondrous invention

of yourself

Where you think you are made

of something solid,

But you are nothing but melted light

Fresh from a blaze at birth

And descending to earth

Slower than any eye can see


... and splintered


That place,

where you once stood

that always remembers the wind,

The bed

that was baptized by the rain

As you fall


by shining slice

into the chasm

that is the shortest


between us

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        04-15-2016     Andrea Carter Salas        

I don't know why, but "Through the Looking Glass" kind of struck my thoughts as I was reading this.. as if someone became trapped within, and then.. for some reason I pictured the person behind the glassy prison sharing their last moments during the fall, still as a whole, for just a fraction of a second.. the person trapped inside waiting for the inevitable impact.. before shards begin to fly and rain down.. scattering.. impaling.. What a horrible way to end your existence. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure I understood the poem. I just went by feeling. Thank you for the read ^_^

        02-05-2016     Jacqueline Ives        

I. too. am humbled as I don't fully understand it. At first I thought it was about death, but now I think it is about love. I feel scintillating light and the splinters of glass. The poem is shaped like a shaft of light and broken into splinters.
I think any fault is in my own understanding, so five points.

        08-31-2015     Alan Reed        

Thank you. You humble me.

        08-26-2015     Wayne Thomas        

Lawdy, that's a good one! It just reached out and pulled me along to see what would come next. I looked for something negative (shame on me) to grouse about, but nothing came. Surely this is a favorite and worth five stars!! Thanks and keep 'em coming!

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