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A PI's work is never done in a noir New York

by phoenix (Age: 24)
copyright 07-30-2015

Age Rating: 16 +

Sitting alone in a dark office, the moonlight creeping through the blinds in a noir world of black n gray,


I just walked in from my last case, a cigarette in one hand, some tiger milk on the table, my 1911 beside it


And Sinatra's, Only The Lonely Know playing in the background as I type away on my mill


Each place I go only the lonely go
Some little small cafe
The songs I know only the lonely know
Each melody recalls a love that used to be

The dreams I dream only the lonely dream
Of lips as warm as May
That hopeless scheme only the lonely scheme
That soon somewhere you'll find the one that used to care

And you recall each fun time
Those picnics at the beach when love was new
It well could be the one time
A hopeless little dream like that comes true

If you find love hang on to each caress
And never let love go
For when it's gone you'll know the loneliness
The heartbreak only the lonely know


And as I sat in the Bourbon suffocated shadows of my office I slipped deeper into my boozed induced thoughts when all of a sudden the horn rang, I answered a broad spoke,


Said she needed to meet with me, she said that a bird told her I was the best flatfoot in town I told her to meet me at my office, she said she'd be on the 6 0'clock rattler after that I hung up


And sure enough there she was straight off the 6 0'Clock

Now this wasn't no ordinary dame, she wore a red cocktail dress with gams that went on for miles and was draped in furs down to her hips, lips as red as rubies, hair so golden it looked like it was spun from the sun itself


She wore ice around her neck and spoke with a voice that could put any fella under spell, and before I could say two words she tossed a pair of Cs on my desk

That's the some serious scratch I said, money buys discretion and results she replied.


I offered her a drink and she sat down and told me what was going on, a button man was after her and she needed protection and to find out who was after her and why


So I holstered my bean-shooter, put on my flogger and grabbed my fedora and we set out into the booze drenched night


From pen to pad to pistol a PI's work is never done in a noir New York




Well be sure to tell me what you think, this was my first serious attempt at a longer Noir style poem I found it kind of hard to write. So I'm not sure if I got the feel right but let me know what you think and that should help me with my next one.


O and I would recommend playing Sinatra's Only The Lonely Know, to get the full effect and put yourself in the environment of the poem.

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        08-31-2015     phoenix        

Thank you Mike Farr, I've actually been rather busy lately writing Noir genre poetry so I will have more for you to read before to long.

        08-29-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello phoenix,

A PIís work is never done in a noir New York,

Youíd make one hell of a screen write phoenix, Humphrey Bogart would have said WOW! Iíll do it! Just when I think your work canít get any better you awe me with another great piece. This tale of drama and romantics is over the top, anyone that carries a 1911 and swigs Gin needs mention, and that you did well in your usual smooth style. Great job my friend,

        08-01-2015     phoenix        

Jacqueline Ives also that song is indeed Sinatra's

        08-01-2015     phoenix        

Sorry perhaps I should have elaborated what Noir is

Jacqueline Ives, Noir is a type of classic film genre used back in the 1930s, 1940s around there. That was black, white and grey and was often if not always associated with the hard boiled crime/detective genre, Casablanca in a Noir film, any of the Philip Marlowe books or films are Noir.

Film noir (/fɪlm nwɑr/; French pronunciation: ​[film nwaʁ]) is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations.

        07-31-2015     Jacqueline Ives        

I don't entirely understand Noir. Maybe it is because I live in the UK. I looked it up, but did not get a clear definition. Is it the same as Dark? I liked the song, but is it yours or Sinatra's? Forgive my ignorance. Perhaps I should not be commenting. But I did find this work interesting.

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