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by Jeff Holt
copyright 04-10-2016

Age Rating: 16 +


Vivacious, voluptuous Fleur,

once took me on 
a river tour.
To show mine eyes-the grandeur of
the Ouachita.
Her incurvate lengthy chestnut hair,
billowed in the wind.
Fervent sunlight paying homage, to her silky bronzer skin. 
Oaks bowed in the breeze, along the river scene.
As dangling leaves pirouetted,
before the Cajun queen.
A pause-to gaze upon a scenic view.
I stole a glance,
at she.
Her melodic voice and alluring eyes,
Could make a fool
of me. 
Minutes passed as nano seconds. 
Each desirous of more.
Brutish reality purged fantasy,
Oh heart, don't let it
make you sore.
Farewell Fleur,
A hopeless romantics bliss,
Only missing tribute
Was the nectar of 
your kiss.

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