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Dancing Frog Legs on Labor Day

by Mike Farr (Age: 66)
copyright 08-07-2016

Age Rating: 18 +

Have you ever seen your dinner,
Twitch upon your plate,
Amongst the greens and taters,
Like it don’t want to get ate,
When you sit down for the dinner bell,
And grab your fork and knife,
Does your banquet jump and dance around,
Like it’s still half full of life,
If you’re forced to chase your meal,
As it’s hopping for the door,
Just throw those legs back in that pan,
And fry um a little more,

Bon appetit


Bull Frog season is in July and August for Massachusetts, I harvest as many legs as I can, and fry um up for the Labor Day cook out. Some do twitch a little on the plate; but just think of um as a tasty little side dish with a ballet,
For those of you who are squeamish that would like to try something new that doesn’t rumba while you’re chowing it down, I put a tasty recipe for freshwater eel below. It’s a great little munch for your Labor Day wingding. 
How to harvest frogs
I use to spear the little devils in my younger day, but I now use a (.177 caliber Crosman pellet rifle with a scope and an LED muzzle light, shown above), either from a canoe or with waders, depending on where I do the harvest.
Jeanne comes with me in the canoe, she paddled from the back, and I shoot and retrieve from the front.
Make sure ya’ll dress up right to keep those mosquitoes at bay with suit and spray; it can get pretty darn nasty at night out on the marshes where those frogs hang out.
Frog Leg recipe
Soak frog legs in milk for 1 hour, turning every 15 minutes.
Remove from milk and salt and pepper them lightly, and coat them in flour.
In a skillet bring the butter to a sizzle and add frog legs.
Sauté legs uncovered until they're golden brown on both sides (turning as needed).
Freshwater eel recipe
In a sauté pan over medium heat, sear the eel until golden brown, about 6 or 7 minutes. Add white wine and cook until reduced by half. Add butter and cook until it melts and browns slightly. Divide the eel into 4 or 5 serving and top with the butter sauce.
I have found that with some fresh water fish, it’s best to batter and fry 4 to 6 hours beforehand, let cool at room temperature, and then reheat on the grill adding just a touch of your favorite BBQ Sauce for added flavor. M’m! M’m! Good!
Happy hunting/fishing and have a great Labor Day cook out,
By Mike and Jeanne
Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts, 

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