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I like you - I like you not

by Mike Farr (Age: 66)
copyright 08-14-2016

Age Rating: 18 +


I’m Smiles I’m Stabs
I’m Handshakes and Jabs
I like you – I like you not,
I like you – I like you not,
Won’t calm the vein,
That dwells within,
I bask in my flux,
Let the games begin,

From Gandhi to Tyrant,
In the blink of an eye,
I’ll serve up cheer,
Then make you cry,

Hee, Hee – Waa! Waa!

Just trust me folks,
I tell you true,
Heal then Bash,
That’s what I do,

A pat on the back,
Then a kick to the shins,
I’m sweet and I’m sour,
I’m virtues and sins,
You’ve seen my moods,
My mean kind way,
I’m a pass you by Samaritan,
Your my pet and my prey,
I like you - I like you not.
God Bless and The hell with you,
You know what folks?
I’m just like everyone else,
By Mike Farr
Charlton, Massachusetts

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        08-15-2016     Jacqueline Ives        

I do hope not!
I like you -I like you not.
But I know what you mean.
You inspire comments keen.
But your thoughts can be mean.
And what says Jean?

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