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The Corkscrew and the Nail

by Mike Farr (Age: 66)
copyright 08-17-2016

Age Rating: 18 +

You look to be tenpenny,
Said the corkscrew to the nail,
You’re just a wee bit longer,
Then the rest there in the pail,
Indeed I am tenpenny,
Said the nail with a stare,
And how did you get twisted up,
And bent beyond repair,
The forgers made me this way,
Said the corkscrew with a grin,
To loosen up the stoppers,
On the Whisky Wine and Gin,
So it is you that brings destress,
And causes folks to fall,
When the boldness from your bottles flow,
And gets them feeling tall,
No, it’s not I that makes them drunk,
Said the corkscrew sly and brash,
The problem lies on tavern bars,
It’s the stirrers and the glass,

Don’t become part of the problem,

Get a Scapegoat




With the 2016 election at hand, I thought I would try doing a little something about placing blame, everywhere except where it belongs. This is the best I could come up with on a wing and a rhyme. Off we go again into the wild blue yonder……..


By Mike Farr

Charlton, Massachusetts





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