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A Special Thanks !

by Paulette Weaver
copyright 12-09-2001

Age Rating: 7 +


In case you haven't heard yet,
today is going to be your day.
I don't know where I will begin,
I'm all out of my usual repartee.

This will be a sort of tribute,
coming from the bottom of my heart.
Just to show you my appreciation,
as you gave my writing a jump-start.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas,
and a healthy, prosperous New Year.
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed,
as I wish you loving good cheer.

Blessings and Many Thanks,

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        12-10-2001     Kay Lee Kelly        

I agree, and you have echoed my feels with
grace and style.

        12-10-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Nicely done, Paulette. You really got the rhythm on this one! Jackie

        12-10-2001     Robert Betts        

Thank you Paulette,
This is a really neat poem. It's the one you sent me for B.A.D. I do like how it also works in general for other people. Very nice.

        12-09-2001     Kay Lee Kelly        

I love this.

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