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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 12-27-2001

Age Rating: 4 +

What is a 'Gold Writer'?

Gold Writers are Silver Writers who have received at least 100 praise from their peers and are approved by the directors. Gold Members' opinions are sought regarding decisions affecting PnP (i.e., they have more direct input). They pay $10 dues for 3 months membership. Approval for Gold membership is based on excellence of the author's work and by a sense that the author is community minded... i.e. values this site and the friends s/he makes here.

The main privilege is the honor of helping to keep this site in existence and to help less fortunate people by helping see that those who cannot pay do not have to.

What is a 'Silver Writer'?

Everyone who joins is automatically a Silver Writer. They may become inactive, but membership is for life. If their dues are current, Silver Members may enter contests, post comments, e-mail authors, rate works and enjoy many other privileges.

What is a 'Free Member'?

A free member is one who's writer's dues are not current.  They have decided to not have a paid membership. Their privileges consist of writing, reading and commenting on works in the main page and pictures. However, some site features are not available to them.

Do children have to pay?

No one has to pay. Dues for children under 18 are $5 for a 6-month membership. Children, themselves, voted in this very small fee. The fee is the same, regardless of whether the child is a Gold or Silver Member.  They can elect to be free members.

Why should I join?

Many reasons. For starters, PnP is an active community where nearly every work receives feedback from Writers and Readers alike. You will get a 30-day free trial during which time all features of the site are available to you. After the trial period, the Silver dues are only $10 for a six month membership, or you may choose to remain as a Reader. You will get a newsletter e-mailed to you which lets you know of Contest Winners, changes at the site and much more. Many settings will be automatically done for you. Music will start with whatever you choose. If you choose to be a Writer, you can enter Poems, Stories, Books, Columns, Moon Notes, Comments and utilize many other features. All works will be available to you, appropriate to your age.

Who pays for all this?

Our Gold and Silver Writer's pay a small membership fee, which defrays the costs. We also have advertising, but paying members see no ads.

I got an email saying I have to pay. Why?

After your initial thirty day trial, you will receive an email stating that if you wish to keep all of your privilages, you will need to pay the membership dues. This is not a requirement. You can continue to keep your membership as a free member.

Do I HAVE to give addressing info to join?

Yes, but just your city, state and country.

OK, I joined. How can I get to my 'Author's Page'?

At the top-right you will see your MemberID. Just click on that.

How can I enter poems, stories or recipes?

Once you have joined, links for entering these are on your 'Author's Page.' There are also links directly under 'Write' in the left table of contents.

Can I enter anything I like?

Your works here are copyrighted. You own that copyright. (See also our Terms of Service) But with this it is IMPERITIVE that the work be original. So, only original works, which you wrote are acceptable. We have a ZERO tolerance for plagiarism.

What do I enter for the age range when I submit a work?

This filters the works for readers. Please be careful to choose ages who you believe would enjoy reading the work. You decide but the Director may change the ages if they feel that is appropriate.

How long does it take for works to be approved?

The amount of time it takes for a work to be approved depends on whether or not a director is on line. Every email, comment, and submission is here is scanned by a living person--not a program. So it can take anywhere from only a few seconds, to the very most, a few hours. This is done in order to ensure the safety of the site, proper age rating has been placed, no harassment is being given to other members, and that no personal information is being given away.

Okay, I tried. Now it says I have to rate works? Why?

Our authors need these ratings to see how well they are doing. It is imperitive that you rate works carefully for this to work. Very little in this world is perfect so please reserve '5' praise points for a work which is truly outstanding, has perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation. To make the system work we require that you rate and recommend in the workshops before you can submit. The numbers at the moment are three ratings per submit.

Can I edit my work?

Yes. Editing is intended to make small changes to make the work better. We encourage this. However we do not allow massive alteration that changes the work completely. (See our Terms of Service).

Can I delete my work?

Unlike many sites, at PnP, we do allow you to delete works. Every deletion costs 200 points. No, we do not allow any exceptions to this rule, other than to delete diplications.

What are points?

Points are like a type of currency given here at PnP. You can purchase them, or earn them by commenting on works. Each time you comment on a work, you can give praise points, and if you exceed over 100 characters in your comment, you will receive points for that comment. Poems are worth 2 points if on the main page, and 4 points if in workshop. Stories are 6 points for main page, and 8 points for workshops. Books are 8 points if commenting on the chapter list, 6 points if commenting on a chapter, and you get 10 points for writing a review for the story!

I rated works, but I have not received my points? Why?

All comments and works submitted have to go through the approvals process. The Admins scan through recently submitted items to deem whether they are appropriate or inappropriate. If your points have yet be awarded, that is most likely because an Admin has yet to be able to approve. In this case, you should notice that you will have a number in the "Pending" column under "Your Points". If there is none there, then you must check your comment length. Points are only given to comments over 100 characters.

What is the 'Workshop Page'?

It is a place to submit stories or poems that you are interested in receiving HONEST but tactful feedback on. It is intended to be a space for writers to help other writers improve their skills, brainstorm, polish, and learn--not only from the critiques they receive but by taking note of the critiques others receive. All Silver Member works first go to the workshops and receive recommendations. Ten praise points are required; then the author, if his dues are current, can move the work to the main page. If the work hasn't moved to main in 30 days, it is automatically moved.

What about contests?

Any member who is current in dues may create a contest. The member specifies the closing date for his contest and outlines the type of work which will win. At the close of the contest, he selects the winner. You enter a contest by going to the work that you wish to enter. At the bottom, right you will see a link to "Enter a Contest" Click on that and all the open contests will be shown in a popup.

ahhhh... Adult works?

Our Server specifically forbids 'Adult Content'. Presumably this refers to explicit pictures and/or writings. We DO have children visiting. However, the policy here is quite lenient. No Sexually explicit pictures and/or articles designed to be erotic. In any case be SURE to mark any which might be suspect with an age of 18 to 18+.

Can I Contribute images?

Absolutely! You must join to enable this feature. A link will then be visible in the center of the galleries page. Another is available on the image-displaying page.

Is it hard to do?

Not at all. First, realize the picture must be a file on your computer. There are 5 steps, which are numbered in red (like connect the dots). The file must be less than 200 K so no huge files, please. There is a size constraint on the physical size but it is very generous. Also you may ONLY upload .jpg or .gif files. If you cannot upload, read the error message at the top of the pop-up window and it will tell you why it wasn't accepted.

What about an Author Picture and putting pictures with articles?

Any member who is current in dues may upload a picture to the member's or general galleries. The image will be visible to everyone once it is approved.

My Musicbox doesn't play when I come here. Why?

If you are not a member, you will need to click the "midi Musicbox" link at the top of the page. The musicbox appears Then select which type of music you like (The down arrow next to the white box which says "Classical Piano") and then click on 'Go'. If you are a member you can select the musicbox you wish by editing your profile. The musicbox will then automatically start with yoiur preferred music. 

My Musicbox stops. How can I restart it?

ISP problems usually cause this. Bring up the musicbox from where it hides on the bottom status bar by clicking on it. Right mouse click anywhere in the musicbox then select 'refresh'. That should restart it.  You can also simply click on the ?Midi Musicbox" link at the top of the page.

I get tired of the same songs. How can I change them?

If you are a member you can edit your profile and change the starting song type. Anyone can also change 'on the fly' by bringing up the musicbox from its hiding place on the status bar then select 'Menu.' You can then select another type of music.

Why Midis? I like MP3's.

Even nowadays, some people have slow connections. MP3's are large and require long download times. Midis are small and quick to load. There would be long periods of silence between songs if we used MP3's.

How about no music at all?

Just bring up the musicbox and click on menu. Then click anywhere on screen other than the Musicbox. It will hide on the status bar and you can read in peace. If you'd like to restart it, just bring it up from the status bar, select a song type and then click 'Go.' If you are a member, you can select 'No Music' in edit your profile.

The Musicbox is not on my status bar. Now what?

Most likely you used the 'x' at the far upper right of the musicbox to close the window. One way to restart it is to log out then log in again. The other is to close all this site's windows and then re-enter.

What about Booting... or should I ask?

Our Terms of Service are a basic guide to behavior. Booting reverts you to the status you had before approval. I.e., none of the user functions, editing, commenting, e-mailing, etc., will be available.


  • Do not remove or alter works beyond the scope of editing.


  • No plagiarism... ever!


  • Don't misuse site features such as e-mailing authors by spamming them with one 'stock' e-mail


  • Never libel or defame another member! For many writers, this is our home. Do not deface our furniture by posting articles, poems, etc., which are defamatory to the site PnP or any writers.

Any questions not answered here? Join and enter them as comments on this FAQ article, and/or e-mail bob or our directors. (Click on the e-mail us at the top, right of the screen)

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        03-19-2013     betterthingstocome        

I am just a little curious about the tallies at the bottom of the page. What is the difference between visitor reads and total reads?
I find myself refering back to the FAQ page and other reference pages, as well, frequently. Very thankful for those that are willing to supply information to those who need a little extra boost.

        09-11-2012     Robert Betts        

The password is not actually a 'default.' You are an image super, which gives your ID some power. Some people have tried to break into the site. Giving you a complex password is to help prevent that.

        09-10-2012     Bunny Franz        

How do I change my password? I'm sick of aving to get the default sent to me every time. TT

        08-10-2011     whitedragon        

I have two questions. Firstly, the question asks

        07-01-2010     Alexandra Spencer        

I can't seem to download any of the sailor moon music from here, is there a download problem?

        12-14-2009     Robert Betts        

I think that anyone under 18 should consult with their parents and publish as a joint project.

        12-14-2009     Sara Walker        

I have questions- should children use Wordclay to publish something? Does Wordclay's privacy policy apply to underage children? I am nervous about using Wordclay to publish. I am new to publishing and I want to publish soon, while making sure I am not giving out information that will be used against me.

        10-16-2009     Megan Cox        

I have a question - do the midi files not play on a mac computer? I just got a mac, and I haven't been able to play the music. It upsets me, because I love the Sailor Moon music. TT.TT

        10-19-2007     Megan Cox        

Are Readers called Free Members now?

        10-14-2007     Megan Cox        

Hey, I have a good question(I guess). Can you make it so that songs can be added to a PnP favorites list like writers and readers can be? That would be very useful, I love the music here!

        06-11-2007     Robert Betts        

They play fine before you convert them. Read our episodes page and use the player suggested and you'll have no problem.

        06-10-2007     Dorian Smith        

Hi I have a question I downloaded the sailor moon s movie and converted it into Avi but when I play it theres no sound can u help me with this??

        05-29-2007     Debra Rose        

The 6000 word limit is the maximum number of words a chapter can have, not the minimum. If a work exceeds 6000 words, then simply cut the chapters in half and post it as two seperate pieces.

        05-29-2007     Alexandra Spencer        

I'm not sure if this has been asked but, how do I start a book because some of my chapters, can not get the the limit of 6000 words.

        04-27-2007     Megan Cox        

Sorry, but I've got another question. How long does it take for works to be approved? Sorry, also if this question has already been asked! I just wanted to know, out of curiosity, and because I can't stand waiting for anything.

        04-25-2007     Megan Cox        

Another question- How do you become a gallery super and what/whom are they? Just wondering randomly. Thank you for responding to my other questions so quickly as well. It helped me quite a bit.

        04-21-2007     Felix Penaloza        

Hi, I have a problem (I'm my point of view a big one)I am trying to download the Sailor Moon Episode and when I try to download it say that the site can't be found.I get to the point where it tells me to type in the 3 letters and then wait for 25 seconds. When it says "click here for download" thats when its says it can't find the page. Any help please. Thank You

        04-18-2007     Megan Cox        

Do you get points when you comment on a Moon note? Because I haven't yet, if you can. Also, I comment on many things, so why are there requirements for commenting before submitting a work? Just wondering.

        03-31-2007     Brent Richard Jacobs        

I noticed your pins on your bio, I want to know how to put JPEG/GIF/Vidio onto my bio

        03-25-2007     Mia Blais-côté        

Yeah, I want to know that too...

        12-08-2006     Stephanie Churchwell        

I'm a little confused. I joined PnP to download the Sailor Moon episodes, and I would like to know if they'll still be available to download after my free month is over?

        07-10-2006     Debra Rose        

Make sure that you have cookies enabled for your browser. You can do this in internet options for both firefox and internet explorer.

        06-29-2006     Mehrina Asif        

Eh, repeat question: why do I keep getting logged out of PNP?

        05-07-2006     Robert Betts        

When you become adult, the adoption no longer exists, officially. However it is hoped that you would have become friends and that is never nullified.

        05-07-2006     Sarah Barrett        

What happens if you adopt an adult and then you become one? Are you still "adopted" to them?

        04-27-2006     Mehrina Asif        

I have another question, well more of a problem. See, I'm logged out every time I come onto this page. Wait, I don't think I said that right. See, when I visit another site or just sign off, I never press the logout button to sign off my PNP account. However, when I come back, I have to sign in again. And I always do save the password and ID, so I have no clue why it's doing that!

        01-01-2006     Debra Rose        

No, adults cannot adopt adults. The purpose of adopting is for an adult to help a Jr. Member, help pay their dues, and to be there for him. Adults members are normally persumed to be able to take care of themselves, and if not, capable of being able to ask for help.

Hope that answers your question.

        12-31-2005     Mehrina Asif        

Can adults adopt adults?

        12-04-2005     Mehrina Asif        

I have a question! Gold Writers pay $10 every 3 months, right? No exceptions; rule goes to every Gold Writer, child or adult? Because in the article, it says that all Gold Writers pay that. But it says that children pay $5 every 6 months, regardless whether the child is Gold or Silver. So which one?

        09-05-2005     Eleni Makarios        

Can we delete our works?

        09-05-2005     Eleni Makarios        

Some questions have not been answered, even if they ARE frequent. For instance, I have commented on a few works, and have gotten no points for them. Why?

        05-10-2005     John Gabberson        

OK, nevermind I found it!

        05-06-2005     John Gabberson        

Where is the serials page?


We used to call it serials. Now it's called Books

        09-21-2003     Sage Bruce        

umm is add a image only for Gold members or something?

Nope, anyone can enter images.

        07-30-2003     Heather Scott        

I have a question about adoptions...I've submitted five works, but when I go to adopt, it says I've only submitted four and can't adopt. Why?

For adoptions only stories and poems count. Moon Notes, books or columns do not count.

        05-04-2003     Regina S.        

I was just wondering... If we send an email to another member do you read it?

Each email is scanned by our approvers to be sure it is safe. Emails are not 'read', just scanned.

        03-29-2003     Nadia Emanuel thing that relates to Ellis that i wanna say, i think it should tell you how many works you have to rate before writing a poem or story, instead of after, cause a problem that i find is that i write a peom, and because i need to rate one more persons, i can't submit it or get it back...its gone forever cause i have a bad memory '-_- anyway, thats just me...
~*~Luv Nadia~*~

That has been fixed, Nadia.

        03-21-2003     Riley Mackenzie        

ive been seeing the little camera images by peoples names, what does that mean?.....o and i also have another question sorry ^-^ i was also wondering what the "Ent" stands for, the thing thats in your profile at the bottom

i know you must be think "oh man, Riley doesnt even know this stuff?" but hey, im new....and curious lol

The camera indicates that the author has placed an image on their page. The "Ent" is no longer used.

        02-05-2003     ellis14        

I wrote this poem and I think i forgot to chceck the little copyright box because when i checked the poem wasnt there... so how do i get it to be there??? oh yeah one more prob. I wrote it from teh top of my head so I cant re-write it..!!

        12-01-2002     Sage Bruce        

why do we rate the faq section??? and I was wondering do you publish books????? how much???

The rating here is simply because the FAQ is treated by the site programs as an article so it has ratings like any other article. We used to publish but are not doing so now. (3/24/05) We may at a later time.

        11-21-2002     Robert Betts        

Simply re-apply. Gold-members may be approved at any time after they have aquired 100 praise points.

        10-31-2002     Lyle Berry        

Once I was asked to become a gold member. I was not able to afford it at the time, but would like to be reconsidered. What must I do to attain gold member status? Please advise.

Best Regards,
Lyle R. Berry

        03-02-2002     Karyn Khaki Hughes        

My questions were answered. At least, for the moment. I usually go, "I should've said THAT" every night.
Karyn Hughes

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