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Good King Tony

by John Mcleod
copyright 01-11-2002

Age Rating: 18 +

Dear readers, before you read this poem I want you to know a few things about it OK?
I live in England and our prime minister is named Tony Blair. In general he is a good enough guy but like most politicians he tends to address problems that are not within our region.
Briton as a whole give millions of pounds away each year to less fortunate countries, this is good as it shows we care (We do!). The problem is, we have problems here that need addressing and I think that he should take care of these before he gives our money to other countries. For a tenth of the money that he pledged last year he could of cured the homeless problem in England and Scotland. Instead of trying to be a saviour of other countries he should try a bit harder to save ours.

Good king Tony last looked out
on the feast of Stephen
all the homeless lay about
deep and crisp and even,

Shelters they were scarce that night
beds were even scarcer
homeless slept in the doorways
gathering coins from strangers,

When the snow began to fall
eyes looked up in dismay
Tony he did not care at all
he just looked the other way,

Brightly shone the moon that night
for beggars it was cruel
cold fingers were hurt and sore
they could not take any more,

Tony, he did not give a shit
for he was nice and warm
the homeless were not his problem
that is what he thought,

Good king Tony last looked out
on the feast of Stephen
bricks came through his front windows
things were getting even.

John Mcleod

For there to be peace in a country the rulers must listen to the people, they should not say that there is no money to sort out problems when they give it away to others. Charity is a good thing, but it must begin at HOME!


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        06-14-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You said a mouthful here, but don't think that it only happens there. We give money to countries that don't like us at all. Even after we give them food and money! Thanks, Anthony

        02-02-2002     Beverley McInnis        

John, you said it well. I believe before you tell others how to live and try to "fix" their problems, you need to clean up your own backyard. I believe this all the way from my work, to that of a government.

Canada has been told that the reserves are no different than many third world countries - in terms of the number of deaths, poverty, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse etc. During the same time the gov't was told this, we were given the rating of being the best country in the United Nations!

We owe tons of money overseas and we still send out money to "fix" other countries problems. It's insane. Clean up your backyard, then that strong economy and healthy population can go on to help others.

Until then, all you are doing is ignoring the very same problems in your backyard that you are trying to fix in other countries.

        01-12-2002     Laryalee Fraser        

Hi John! Happy New Year!
Thought-provoking piece -- well done!
I've always thought every politician should
spend a week on the streets...
they really have no idea what it's like.
~ Lary ~

        01-11-2002     Paulette Weaver        

Bravo mate! what a wonderful tale. Thanks for the explanation! Yes, on the outside all these so-called 'concerned' politicians, blah, what a joke!Nothing like coming from someone who knows.
best ever,

        01-11-2002     John Mcleod        

Right on Billy, you know the score mate. We love to help but some things are more important.


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