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3 Poems Of Unrequited Love

by Nan Jacobs
copyright 05-17-2001

Age Rating: 13 +

These three poems, fortunately, don't represent current circumstances. I'm happily married to my tow truck guy these days, but once upon a time, long ago and always too close for comfort… ::shudder:: … things were different.
"Publishing" them now, years and years later, is my consolation prize to myself. Or my, "nyah nyah nyah, neeners -- neeners", if you will.



I love you, God knows, I don't want to and
Can't let it show.
Please - just don't find my eyes
For then you'd know
And take my pain and make it grow
And leave me standing here
Alone, empty,
Loving you.


Here by the river I recline, alone
In the dark; my thoughts for you, alone.
A little tear creeps from my eye,
Slides softly, silently away, on the current,
But brings you, alas, no closer.


There you were,
so near yet so far.
I loved you and you
never knew I existed.
The bright sun warmed my back
and made the trees glow
fluorescent green against the vivid sky.
Somehow I felt your presence
and wondered if you felt mine
So near yet so far.

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        03-01-2002     Elizabeth Schalchlin        

Hey Nan, first of all, I loved all three of these beautiful poems. I especially love the first, though. It really touched some deep part of my soul; I have felt those feelings before, God knows most people have. I loved your rhyme scheme, too. The rhyme and lack thereof within the same piece seemed to add some structural depth to the work and consistancy with the feelings expressed by it. Thanks for sharing! -Liza

        04-01-2001     Deborah Dessaint        

Oh, Nan. Have you been wearing my moccasins?

These sound just like a few verses I have sung. I hear you girl.

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