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Torn Heart {Basic Stanza}

by Peggy Bertrand
copyright 02-12-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

I didn't have a clue
that our time would
bid us adieu.

Endless fleeting, chanting fate.
Has arrived in place so late.
We have made no haste
of our love together was waste.

Shredded heart ripped
from it's hold slipped,
away into and endless

Day’s light rises upon,
the face of my torn heart.
Ray's of healing will mend
this fated heart.

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        05-11-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Nicely expressed. Good job Peg.

        02-14-2002     Jackie Moranty        

Nicely done, Peggy. Great images and eloquence. Jackie

        02-13-2002     Peggy Bertrand        

Kay, thanks for reading and comenting on the poem Peggy

        02-12-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

"Endless fleeting, chanting fate" this is a great line, so much is heard in this. Very well done.

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