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Mind Drifts

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 04-25-2002

Age Rating: 10 +
Mind Drifts

Far beyond the deadly Torch Bearer Lighthouse Point
My bouyant body floats, weightless carling movement on the afterdark night ocean
Dream-filled eyes are half-way closed in rippling tidal waves
Thunderous crashing thoughts, pooling eddies in a vortex of aquatic midnight love

My mind a racing spinnaker, an elliptical galaxy spiraling, set steadily adrift
Fingertips are sparklit dripping, reflecting shining trails on the multi-faceted surface of the solitaire diamond-moon
Crescendo-banding crescent cloud-shapes seen through blue-lagoonal greentide motions
As I intently watch the first of night-star-jewels awake from ghostly loops of slumber

Fantail fantasies are rising in come hither winks of lemon-aide iced surprise,
Saturn's floating rings tell universal tales so tall
Salt-encrusted mermen brandishing pointed three-pronged silver tridents
Cool pearlescent sea nymphs spinning songs, luring lonely sailors to their watery deaths

No Ancient Mariner do I need to blanket me in obsessive irredescent mysteries
My goosebumped flesh is tingling, cavorting in a coverlet of damp sensations
King Neptune dives in phantom spectre, razor sharp his savored kisses cover me
Carnivorous angel shark with photon-parted lips, anchors me aglow to his oceanic home

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        04-25-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

Outstanding imagery!

        04-25-2002     Laryalee Fraser        

Wow, talk about a flight of the imagination! What breathless images, Nancy! You're soaring on the wonder of words...painting exquisite pictures!

        04-25-2002     Peggy Bertrand        

I love lighthouses and I really love the way you spoke of yourself as a part of the scene floating out past the land in the waters and the midnight love... excellent...

        04-25-2002     Melissa Rives        

What a brilliant poem full of wonderful imagery! Stunning photo as well!

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