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Cimarron Sky

by Peggy Bertrand
copyright 05-13-2002

Age Rating: 18 +

In the distance of the Cimarron desert
Clouds mound in peach hues against the horizon they skirt

Hot smoldering parched winds whirl along the ground
Clasping and gathering all the dew and moisture all around

Cactus in the mid day bruised and anguished from the heat
Out of its pore's shimmering milk does excrete

Heat rays like beating curtians raising out a sound
In the Cimarron sand like a great sea one could drown

Beauty in the silence of this dry forbidden place
Life and death in an endless race

Wet moist drops of liquid cool fluid of life
Death has lost the race in full rife

Over distant Cimarron mountain terrains
Night fall cascades in violent rains

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        05-30-2002     Celeste Wilson        

Wow! I really felt the elements in this poem. Great Write!

        05-14-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

Outstanding imagery!!!

        05-13-2002     Nancy Pawley        

I can feel the heat, parched and dry in the desert sun, calling forth and gathering all the moisture it can. Beautiful poem.

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