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Friends With Feet Of Clay

by Sue Michaels
copyright 05-30-2002

Age Rating: 4 +

Friends With Feet Of Clay

I have friends with feet of clay
Marred and marked in many ways
Flawed imperfections seeping through
Characters sealed with casein glue
Yet these friends with many flaws
Know that we all, are marked and marred
They don't mind when they hear me say
I have friends with feet of clay
They know that we are a piece of earth
Building character, for our spiritual rebirth
From flawed imperfections that we grew
To have feet of gold when God is through
With our characters sealed by casein glue
No longer scared with any flaws

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        05-27-2006     Jaime Romans        

I really liked this poem, it sums up a lot of thoughts that I have been having of late. Good structure and rhyme.

        05-30-2002     Robert Betts        

Very nice Sue. I like it. Welcome to PnP and keep posting!


        05-30-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

Feet of clay, I think everyone at sometime
fills this picture. You write very well, keep
posting for us.

        05-30-2002     Peggy Bertrand        

wonderful creative poem.

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