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Oh how I love cats

by Tae Moore
copyright 06-14-2002

Age Rating: 4 +

Oh how I love cats,
Soft, sweet, loveing and fluffy,
Fuzzy as can be!

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        09-23-2013     Regina Lehman        

Nice poem..I love cats myself too. We have a Tabby cat he is 11 years old his name is Tiger. In the Winter time 11 years ago my sister found Tiger under a car he was only 8 weeks old and Tiger has been such a blessing to us. He make us laugh a lot too.

        06-06-2007     Megan Cox        

Kawaii! I love cats too. Good job, you got straight to the point in such a short poem. It was a bit short, but I won't complain. Or did I just? Oh well. Keep writing! Erbarely!

        06-17-2002     Peggy Bertrand        


        06-14-2002     William Robbins        

This will certainly be a must read for cat lovers! It is a great starting poem for this site. Keep up the writing!

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