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The aftertaste of Sandman Pie

by William Robbins
copyright 07-12-2002

Age Rating: 18 +

An invisible cincture
suddenly binds itself to my forehead,
tighten, ever tightening
with frightening ripples of migraine efficiency.
the vice grip of urgency and fear surges in my tangled thicket of senses.
I panic and imagine eventually seeing my blood and brain matter splattered
in grotesque gooey clumps upon the pillow and walls
as some macabre eulogy to my final desperate and terrorized breaths.
Then an amber starburst paints the room and displaces the flames of ache
while transparent torsos clad as headless and writhing Victorian era apparitions
sway in the air and begin swirling around the room.
Their ghoulish ballet ends
once an unseen organ plays "Aulde Lang Syne,"
sucking them under my shaking bed with death moans of protest.
In my trembling and traumatic haze
an alarm summons the morning light’s glaze,
leaving my eyes stained and scarred during the light
by whirlwind images of translucent nineteenth century companions
who refuse to visit only at night.

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        10-20-2002     Audrey Sullivan        

Very great way
in putting words.

        08-01-2002     Lyle Berry        

You certainly have a wonderful way with words...painting vivid word portraits is an art form and you are a fine artist. Thanks for sharing!

        07-16-2002     Nancy Pawley        

It's bad enough to have nightmares..but I sure wouldn't want to have these visitations in the daytime to boot!

        07-16-2002     Melissa Rives        

I think you need to take some ibuprofin before Another wonderful piece wrought from your imagination! :)

        07-13-2002     Peggy Bertrand        


I can see where this one came from getting over a head ache like that right now..... Actually if mine would do that i might feel a tad bit better.... Good write..

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