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White And Black: Light And Darkness

by Vanessa "Son" Hock (Age: 26)
copyright 09-03-2002

Age Rating: 1 +

Sailor Saturn was standing in the Dead Moon Circus Tent, along with Tuxedo Mask and Sailors Chibi Moon, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They were facing 11 Neherenias, 10 fakes and 1 real. Sailor Chibi Moon went first. "Crystal Twinkle Bell!" she screamed. "Dead Twinkle Bell!" a fake Neherenia screamed. Their attacks collided; a crystal blast and a dead blast. Finally, the pink blast won, and the fake Neherenia was destroyed. Sailor Moon was next. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" she yelled. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" another fake Neherenia yelled. The two blasts collided; two moon blasts. Sailor Moon's blast won in the end. Sailor Mercury stepped up to bat. "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" she screamed. "Circus Aqua Rhapsody!" a third fake Neherenia screamed. S.M.'s had a mercury blast, and F.N. #3 had a circus blast. Mercury won. "Mars Flame Sniper!" "Dead Flame Sniper!" Mars won. "Jupiter Oak Evolution!" "Moon Oak Evolution!" Jupiter won. "Venus Love And Beauty S!" "Circus Love And Beauty S!" Venus won. "Uranus Coconut Chain Sword!" "Circus Coconut Chain Sword!" Uranus. "Neptune Aqua Fire!" "Dead Aqua Fire!" Neptune. "Pluto Snake Cyclone!" "Moon Snake Cyclone!" Pluto. Finally, it was down to Sailor Saturn and the real Neherenia. They faced off, then: "Saturn Wink Mirage!" "Circus Wink Mirage!"...
Who will win? Neherenia or Saturn? Evil or good? Old or young? Nightmares or dreams? You'll just have to wait until Part 2 to find out.

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