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City-Country Contrast...Nostalgia Challenge

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 09-04-2002

Age Rating: 7 +
City-Country Contrast...Nostalgia Challenge

In the later 1950's, I was just a little girl living in the bustling city,
we had separate bedrooms, indoor plumbing, television, lots of electricity
Shopping centers, schools of art, flatland vistas far as the eye could see
Seasons on the Florida suncoast were much the same year-round
Building castles in the sugar-sand, warm summer waves rolling on the beach
Burgeoning fast food resturants, and real paved roads,
skipping on the sidewalk, just a block away from school and church
Swaying palm trees, movie houses, and next door neighbors, right next door

Each Christmas holiday we'd get to spend two weeks in the sprawling hills of Tennessee
Bitter cold the snowy weather, coal-powered potbellied stove that kept us warm,
but we froze our toes and bottoms, running to the outdoor privy when the force of nature called
Blackened tar on graveled roads, but most were dirt and mud, nearest neighbor's fenceline just 5 miles away
Grandma's homemade cooking bubbling on the woodfired castiron stove
Freight was hauled on milelong trains that never seemed to end
We'd entertain ourselves and pass the time by counting clacking railroad cars
While listening to the fire-and-brimstone preacher on the local radio station

A contrast in life and living styles, but I felt the best of both
'Cause in the end what really matters is family, hearth and home

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        09-04-2002     William Robbins        

Great visit to your world of the 50's. You poem, like the others in this challenge really touched the brain cells with flashbacks. Thank you for sharing.

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