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by Audrey Sullivan (Age: 52)
copyright 09-11-2002

Age Rating: 16 +

There he sit's and he treats you like blitz he
Doesn't like your Mother and is always upset
with your Brother more than any other,
All he wants to do is fight
he thinks he;s always right
and you can't sleep at night
He's rude & crude, so what can you do?
just put up with this zoo,it's better than
felling blue this is something i'm use to.
He likes to keep them enemies,
You love your brother and your mother
You try not to be in the middle,
But either way You can't win with none of them,
This is a war that will never end;
Why does things come around just to knock you down,
You’re already feeling like a clown, My home is a three way circus,
Who needs the movies I have it all
and sometimes it can be a ball,
I just have to make sure that I don't fall.

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        09-19-2002     Dixie Kincaid        

Well sweety I'm sorry your in the middle of things
I do hope things get better. Keep your poems coming I really enjoy reading them. DIXIE LEE

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