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by Cristina Lipp
copyright 09-11-2002

Age Rating: 16 +

In restless solitude we move.
Two severed souls lost
In separate worlds -- You and I;
So far removed,
Insensitive, detached
From me -- that's you.
While I -- locked
In this insanity called life.
Beg for release forsaking all.

Through rain drenched windowpanes
I gaze at wintry graves,
A stillborn love that used to be
So turbulent, disquieting
gone now your presence;
Like the rain you drowned
My very essence.
Still I wonder ...when did we die!

We had our day.
We laughed, we cried, we shared
The joyous union of a kiss.
Our heartbeats raced as one.
We had the sun;
We had the flowers.
The very Spring was ours.
We were in love.

Your dreamer eyes soon disappeared
And shameful lies
became your passion;
And I ... still unaware,
With tenderness adorned my eyes.
While caution
Never one to understand;
Capricious fate, ill-mannered hands;
The door forever closed.

Then came the night.
Oh, loathsome liar
With jewel moon
And silver stars.
Enticer of a million dreams
Partaker of a sparkless fire
Planter of deceit and strife.
Where love abides
There bleeds a wounded heart.
©Cristina Lipp

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        10-02-2002     Lyle Berry        

A superb poem with such magnificent imagery; so incredibly rich with both deep and subtle passions. Clearly, this is the poem of one who has both suffered in the depths of despair and soared on the thermals of fickle, but immensely addicting LOVE.

        09-24-2002     William Robbins        

This poem simply reeks with passion and intensity. Now that's poetry!

        09-16-2002     Nancy Pawley        

The pain and heartache presented in your poem comes through with colors blue on blue..great write.

        09-15-2002     Peggy Bertrand        

Cristinia ,
Exquisite piece of poetry.. Imagery outstanding.... Uniqueness seethes from
the verses...

        09-14-2002     Dixie Kincaid        

Cristina I realize your poem has personal value to you. I'm sorry I can't relate to your poem more fully, most likly somday I might so please I will say it's writen well. DIXIE LEE

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