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Without your love...
Chapter 1

by Heather Czigan
copyright 09-13-2002

Age Rating: 10 +

I was walking down the street, thinking about all the things I was going to buy with my newly earned money, and this guy just ran into me. He kept apologizing, all the while stepping closer to me. I pushed him away and went on to the mall. When I got there, I took out my wallet to realize, it wasn't there! I looked back to where he had been but didn't see him.
I walked into the girl's restroom and phoned the police, telling them what he looked like and what he was wearing. They said they would search the streets. Sure enough, when I walked out of the bathroom they were rushing through the mall looking intently at everyone's face and clothes, searching for who I'd described.
When I was on my way home I saw the same guy robbing another person. I ran over and caught him. I gave the money back to the person, but brought the criminal to my house. I demanded where my money was, but he would not say anything to me. Which was too bad for him because I have a huge temper.
"WHERE IS MY MONEY?!?" I screamed.
"Safe," he muttered, probably very mad that he had been caught. I did not listen to a word he said. I slapped him across the face and asked him where my money was.
"That's it!" He yelled and I immediately regretted slapping him. He took me by the arm and practically dragged me into his car.
"Put the seatbelt on," he grumbled, as I started to buckle up.
Just then he puts the car on full power and we go forward toward my house! We're going really fast and of course I was scared! I let out a long, blood-curdling scream but he just keeps going on full power until we're about one hundred feet from my front door. Then we go forward again, me screaming as loud as I could, him just smiling wickedly!!!
Tell me what you think, PLEASE!!

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        06-09-2005     Mika Lee        

woah scary

        03-14-2005     John Gabberson        

Is this true?!~?! that's scary.. LOVE IT!!

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