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Without your love...
Chapter 2

by Heather Czigan
copyright 09-14-2002

Age Rating: 10 +

Suddenly, the car stopped, froze. I don't know if we're dead or alive because my eyes are closed, but I don't see any lights so I'm guessing we're alive. I slowly open one eye then the other. We're perfectly safe. We had stopped in a garage. I looked next to me and I saw that Brian had already gotten out. Ithought that this would be my chance to get away. I was roughly pulled out of the other side. I looked to see who it was and saw that Brian was pulling me out of the garage.
"Where are we?" I asked, not really expecting the answer.
"At your house, don't you recognize it?" he answered, not bothering to look my way.
Then I did. I saw my kitchen, and my favorite table in my living room. What kind of kidnapper would bring who they kidnapped to their own house? Wouldn't people look there for clues? He dragged me into my room and locked the door from the outside.
Locked in my own room, I sat on the bed, trying to figure out a way to get out of here. I checked both the windows but thwy were jammed shut, probably from disuse. I heard the door unlock. My gaze snapped to the door as it opened and revealed Brian with a tray full of great-looking food.
"Here," Brian said setting down the tray and then sitting down himself, "Are you hungry?"
"Yes." I answered feebly. This guy didn't seem half bad. If I wasn't careful I would become his friend!
"Okay," and he started to half the food he had brought in. When he was done, he handed me a plate and prayed. 'Well, he isn't all bad' I thought as I too began to pray. When I opened my eyes Brian was eating a sandwich. To my surprise he had very nice manners.
I started going through this and was going to take out the whole part about them eating together (it just seems weird) when I realized that to keep the title, I would either have to totally rearrange the plot, which everyone seems to like, or keep it. So I decided to keep it. But I think I will get rid of the part about his car...

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        09-19-2005     Heather Czigan        

By the way, I was just kidding two years ago... Just so you know. I plan on making it go a little slower and, well, flow better.

        03-14-2005     John Gabberson        

I LIKE IT! unlike some people *glares to the others*

        09-15-2002     Heather Czigan        

I am going to.Thanks.

        09-14-2002     Matthew Czigan        

yah should try ter make hit mo' Actioon layke. Othe' wize, hit's mighty greet!

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