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by Barry Clopton Lanier (Age: 61)
copyright 10-03-2002

Age Rating: 16 +

In the midst of the night, I surrendered to my fight.
One I'd been struggling with in times gone by.
I've walked the path that was cut before me,
Whether by fate, or yet by chance.

But tis I who have treaded upon the waters,
At times gently, yet at times wrecklessly.
But yes, it is I, who have walked the walk.

Would it be me, who would tell those who hold me above redemption?
Of my failures, or of my triumphs.
Or could I just simply give in to love and acceptance?

Allowing unturned stones to slumber.
Or even better sift until they mold into the foundation of life.
To eventually become part of the whole,
Which yet again is by coincidence or virtue.

To the point where present and past mold into no regret,
And become the moment, yes, the moment of residence.
To know the true way before the journey nears the destination,
Could I have the courage to get to know,
And meet myself.........before my arrival.

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        10-08-2003     Janet Owenby        

I love reading your work. Acceptance one of the most powerful words in the English language. Accepted by those we love, accepted by God , all very important emotions.

        04-07-2003     Lonnie Kornoely        

This is great Barry. Very wonderfully done.

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