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by Audrey Sullivan (Age: 52)
copyright 10-07-2002

Age Rating: 18 +

Your time is now,
The question is how, Do
you have what it takes to
make no mistakes? I wait and
wonder, is this all just for fun?

Or has my life just begun, Itís been
so tormented for so many years, and
I've shed so many tears, you see It
may be easy for you to say,

But for me It's just another day,
I long for the day you come and say,
Ok It's time to move on and make
a new life, and you wont
have to fight no more,

It's so hard for me
You could never know,
But trust in me It's no show,

I've waited so long for the
time to be right, and I hope
and pray every night,
Please don't say it's
ok, it never was, nor will
it ever be,

All I want, is you and to be free.

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        03-26-2003     Amber Talwar        

U seem to be in a fix!
its a good work keep it up! but fix up what is loose.

        03-05-2003     Lonnie Kornoely        

hey great poem with lots of emotions. Keep up the good work!!

        10-19-2002     Eddie Bruce        

I don't know what makes good poetry, but I doubt if anyone could fail to be moved by the honesty and bewilderment expressed in this piece.

        10-12-2002     Audrey Sullivan        


        10-09-2002     Cristina Lipp        

This poem flows beautifully with lots of emotions. One can almost feel the overtones of sadness in each verse. I'd say your poems are getting better and better.

        10-07-2002     William Robbins        

Nice poem, full of emotions. You showing lots of good flow of thought in these verses.

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