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The Song of Death.

by Rutherford Ashfordson (Age: 32)
copyright 10-14-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

What is plucked will grow again, What is slain lives on, What is stolen shall remain- What is gone is gone. What is sea-born dies on land, Soft is trod upon. What is given burns the hand- What is gone is gone. Who has choices need not choose. We must, who have none. We can love but what we lose- What is gone is gone. Here is there, and high is low; All may be undone. What is true, no two men know- What is gone is gone.

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        05-05-2013     Rachel Brown        

A real lovely piece with a flow
that I absolutely love. The word choice
is absolutely fantastic I look forward to reading
more of your work.
The rhythm flow of this tapestry is very extraordinary.

        03-23-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is truly a flowing tapestry indeed.
Impressive beyond any doubt in my mind I love how it flows but the rhythm kind of confuses me . Ah well nice read either way. Well done.

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