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Busy Life

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 10-29-2002

Age Rating: 7 +
Busy Life

I'm not used to such a busy life, the exception is my manic mind
This week has passed, no time for me, you could say I fell behind

To my pathetic way of thinking, last Wednesday I accomplished nothing
Not a sentence or a phrase I wrote, stark emotions left me huffing

Thursday morning dawning bright and clear, we took a daytime trip to Moultrie
To see a modern agriculture show, Sunbelt Expo winding down, back to earth economy

Fantastic weather, moderate temperature just right for walking, sky a cloudless blue
Southland crops and healthy cattle, new farm machinery, far too much to see and do

I thought on Friday morning, I'd be free to share my soul, have some hours of slow reprieve
But my husband called, asking that I share the day's entirety with him, would I pretty please

Put away my muse of poetry, Albany's Marine Base beckons, present ID at checkpoint Charlie
Finally admitted to the annual picnic, watched tug-of-war and wanna-be stars singing karaoke

For lunch I ate grilled chicken, potato salad and baked beans, fresh spring water was my drink
Came home and cleaned the house, then shopped for groceries, creativity tottered on the brink

Saturday morning minutes, each ticking second stretching into hours, till I could write again
Went to Country Jack's Pumpkin Patch, hayride itches, corn maze growing past our chins

Sunday morning churchbells, a study of beginnings, chapters in the Book of Genesis
At 3 pm I left for Michael's, should I duck and cover, my workload never seemed to finish

Monday morning counting; scissors, pens, and memory books, the yearly inventory
Beads and buttons, acrylic paint, glitter, sequins, yarn and thread, frames of every category

Tuesday was October 22nd, my daughter's 18th birthday, a present in my later life
And even though I have less time for me, each day won't last forever, it's just a 24 hour slice

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        11-01-2002     Audrey Sullivan        

A realy great one
that i'm sure happens
to almost everyone.

        10-30-2002     Maralee Gerke        

I can really relate to your time challenges. I read this with great empathy. I wonder if you could think about maybe adding something to the end or changing it somehow. The rest of the poem is so strong. Maybe something about how you got the time to write this poem. Just a suggestion.

        10-30-2002     Lyle Berry        

Thank you for sharing a day in your life through this wonderful poem. I enjoyed it immensely.
God Bless!

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