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Bad Hygiene

by Catherine Wilson (Age: 38)
copyright 11-22-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

I said to a roommate one day,
your breath scares your boyfriends away.
She sat with a pout,
when I scrubbed her mouth out.
If she's smart, she'll keep it that way.

I once met a man on a ship,
with nose hair that hung to his lip.
They swayed in the breeze,
with the greatest of ease.
Thank goodness his nose didn't drip.

I once met an interesting bloke,
Who liked to sit and chain-smoke.
When he yawned very wide,
I thought something died.
My eyes would water as he spoke.

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        01-23-2005     Katie Moss        

*falls over laughing* Limericks are so fun to do! And I must say, I have a brother like the first one and several hick cousins (Bless their souls ^^;) like the last. I think I might stick this on my door....

        07-07-2004     Jeniffer Brand        

GOOD NIGHT!!! Almost sounds like our maintenance guy!!! hehehehe

        12-07-2002     James Bergstad        

What a great sense of humor. Very well done.

        11-26-2002     Angie Engle        

This is funny and cleverly written. I think I have run into a few of these people, lol! Fun poem!

        11-25-2002     Walter Jones        

A picture may be worth a thousand words but your words, created a thousand pictures, very nice.

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