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saving sage

by Sage Bruce
copyright 11-22-2002

Age Rating: 10 +
saving sage

a nervess mess
under stress
I don't know what to do
am I through
I'm still going
or at least i think I am
I'm not floating
I think thats a sign I'm not going
what stress
what's with the white dress these huge wings halo atop
wait I'm moving and can't stop
stop,stop,stop the singing
cut my wings and leave me swinging
why am I up here I'm not through
let me say good bye or I'll miss you
I wish I wasn't through
I mean I saved her I thought I'd live
she was sick and knew she would die
I couldn't figure why
out of nowhere I heard a cry
I standed in front of her a shot and I die.

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        03-04-2005     Sage Bruce        

Thank you very much anthony

        03-03-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I got a feeling Sage will be doing the saving. You are a very good writer. Thanks,Anthony

        11-17-2003     Jessalyn Hamby        

wow sweet poem. this was wicked awsome!!!

        05-28-2003     Catherine Wilson        

I like this a lot. You provide a lot of depth for your age and it's wonderful you have that type of insight. I see a few places that could use some touch ups. Feel free to email me if you'd like some help cleaning it up.

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