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Don't Believe Me?

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 07-10-2001

Age Rating: 1 +

Don't think that you can trust me?
Don't know how to handle it?
Don't believe me, I don't really give a whit!

Puzzled notions of me,
And a puzzle piece doesn't fit?
You don't believe confirmed alibi's legit.

You think I'm a loosened spring;
You think you know what I've done.
Don't believe it, your envy only pokes fun.

Think that you're on to something?
Think it's dissimulation?
Do you believe that I heed all temptation?

You say I must be in love,
And you wonder what has changed.
Don't believe and you'll see to it I'm estranged.

All I've done isn't enough.
All I've done's neatly arranged.
Can't believe me? You won't, your thoughts are deranged.

Here's the truth, try to keep it;
'Cuz the truth's not found in lust.
Don't believe me? You can't when you don't have trust.

The life I live's not secret;
The life I live I'm proud of.
You can't believe that accusations I'll slough.

The love of my life is me.
My love to me I'll commit.
Don't believe me, tho I've nothing to admit.

Don't believe your fantasy,
Don't lay on the face of it.
Still don't believe? Hand me a judicial writ!

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        04-23-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Good work, Mary! I can relate to a lot of this poem, and even for the parts I can't relate to were great. I noticed a little rhyming here and there, too. :) Want to know something interesting? I think of your poem "Green" every few days...that one has stuck with me just like SamiJo M's Sea of The Lost... Arg, I got a little random there! I'm back to reading your poems. :) I didn't see any spelling or grammar errors, and not having to rant about capitalization is a nice change... I've made around 1200 comments, and in 600 of them I probably was complaining about capitalization! Great choice of words and structure in this one, it flowed wonderfully! I can't say "keep 'em coming" until I catch up to your recent stuff. :D Great work!

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-13-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

It's most difficult to believe in life or love's illusions.

My faith is all I have to go by,

and sometimes it wears thin, but I must keep going the miles before I sleep.

Good write,

Thank You,


        11-21-2005     David Pekrul        

Four years have gone by since this write. I hope all is still well with you. You have written this from the heart and it shows.

        06-19-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You write in many styles, just as I do. New things are fun, but I never give up on the old either( because I'm Old). I believe if you are happy with what you know about yourself that it shows to those that look! Thanks, Anthony

        04-01-2001     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Wooo HooO! Someone noticed the rhyming! *BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!* You just made my day! (*grin*)

        04-01-2001     Robert Betts        

For those who didn't notice, check out the rhyming scheme. It is very well done!

        04-01-2001     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Unfortunately, no Billy. He did NOT understand nor believe me any more than he did before. Oh well, his loss. I've spent nearly fifteen years of my life trying to please him and make him happy. It didn't work. I've got two wonderful boys out of it tho, for that I'm happy. I'll spend the next fifteen years on them and I. *smile* Gosh, it sure feels good to find self esteem!

        04-01-2001     Beverley McInnis        

Bravo! What incrediable strength is coming through clearly in this poem. Way to make a statement!!

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