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A Soul Of A Ghost Writer

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 12-01-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

They say that life
is for fools

That each of us must live,
inside a world of heartache and revenge,
for we are soldiers,
of our own demise.
A group of fools,
that fill our lives
with lies.

Into this world,
we enter
let few in,
for in this world,
we have neither,
enemy nor friend.

It is a strange place,
where each of us can live,
never showing emotion,
never having to,
love or give.

It is a quiet place,
hidden deep inside the mind,
my heart it does not hurt here
and neither does my pride.

I live only for the moment,
everything is peaceful and calm.
I don't report to anyone.
No one tells me,
I must be strong.

Here I can cry a thousand tears,
when I am finished,
only, I will be,
the one to hear.

It is a lovely place,
full of heart ache and pain
but no one has to know,
it is me,
that is sad once again.

Today when time is over
I must return,
I live,
to tell another tale,
that is of,
life's concern.

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        07-12-2005     Roger Crique        

Walter, this is magnificent. I like the subject matter, we do not know what's really out there. We think of reality as what we can perceive, but forget that air is essential and we cannot see it. I also think that this poem is very fluid and the imagery is as clear as a lovely sunny day. Very well done.

        01-19-2003     Danielle Laukhart        

I love the poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        01-18-2003     Walter Jones        

Thank you , Betty

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