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I Close My Eyes

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 07-18-2001
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 1 +

You're not with me today
I close my eyes and dream
Beside me in my life
You're here or so it seems

Stand by me in the garden
And fall in love who knows
I smile at you so sweet
as you hand to me a rose

You're a light in the dark
Shining steady and true
My brightness so you know
Just what I think of you

You're music in my mind
You're here in every song
You laugh and sing with me
And comfort days gone wrong

You're the wind that blows by
And gently stirs my hair
It flows through my sweater now
I feel you everywhere

You are that warm embrace
That holds me close and near
That gently wipes my face
to brush away my tears

You're the moon that dances
On water cold and still
You're the magic in life
You've been and always will

I may not see you for real
As you live your life today
I'll close my eyes and dream
So you'll not be far away

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        12-06-2013     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Awww... Caiti, you're gonna make me cry! :-) I loved you then, and I love you still!!! I'm glad you're still writing. I've been reading your posts on FB. Keep it up, you're very good at expressing your emotion and letting it shine through on the paper in the form of words. Huge Hugs sweetie!!!

        12-01-2013     Caitlin Richards        

I still remember as a little girl, growing up. I remember our way back from Florida. My first time. You taught me a clever way to start writing. & i've held that with me through the years. :)

        02-12-2009     Martha Rosanbalm        

Very nice poem. Your work has life and is really meaningful. I can feel your words.

        04-23-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This vaguely reminds me of my poem, "A While". I wrote the poem A While back in 2006, but it still feels like yesterday. I'm so sentimental...might want to ignore my ramblings some time! The idea, while it's been used many times, was refreshingly worded and expressed in this poem. Your descriptions and comparisons were top notch, and I don't need to rant about caps! Don't ask me why this kind of poem that does more than hints to love doesn't bother me but your last poem's reference and theme of love drive my wacko...I'm an odd on, arigato. Great work, keep the poems coming! I'm having a heckuva time catching up though! :D

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        04-18-2005     Christopher Carlson        

You know that being a poet means you are able to take and remember things not just for the sake of remembering, but that you are able to make your reader close their eyes and smell, hear, taste, or feel what you are writing about.

It is very neat that you do the same thing I do when a loved one is not around. When Rachel is not near at hand I can close my eyes and take a deep breathe and instantly I smell and can even feel her touch or hear her voice. At times this is the only sanity I have to keep me going on really rough days.

I can feel your thoughts here. Great Job!

        08-17-2004     Jane Lee        

Wow this is soo.. I can't describe it! But soo spirit-lifting!

        08-12-2004     Sarah Barrett        

Oh my gosh! this is awesome!I love this poem! you are a wonderfull poet. I am glad you put this in my contest. Though it is a very hard decision.

Sarah b.

        04-01-2001     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Robert... I feel mine will. Finally, they will~! Thanks so much for reading, and sharing, for writing, and caring!

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