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My Brothers - A limerick

by Esther Spurrill (Age: 38)
copyright 01-14-2003

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I have a brother who's loud --
Actually, I have a crowd
Of six little brothers
That I'd like to smother;
They're lucky that I'm not allowed.

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        04-25-2003     Patrick Talty        

I like limericks, but many of them I've read miss the mark. THIS ONE is SPOT ON! Brava on a beaut job!

        03-14-2003     Janet Owenby        

Lol now this is a limerick and a really nice one too. A perfect 10 it made me laugh. And having had a brother growing I know we all feel like this at times. Excellant

        01-23-2003     Wilma Barnett        

Love it!
I only had one younger girl sibling but I do have 6 kids of my own.
Does this count?
I wanted to tie them in knots a lot of times while they were growing up.
We all did survive unscathed ..... I think.....
Wilma B

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