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The painting of love

by Sarah West (Age: 28)
copyright 01-20-2003

Age Rating: 1 +
The painting of love

Every night I prayed,
with no words any one could hear,
secret is mine and no one knows what I have been saying,
I prayed that no one would hate,
no one would kill,
and every one could paint,
the painting of caring,
the painting of giving,
the painting of LOVE.
I wish I may, I wish I could,
show you the same painting, that I drew in my old
the painting of caring,
the painting of giving,
the painting of LOVE.

By: Heba........this is the name I want to be called NOT SARAH

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        09-24-2005     Debra Rose        

This is a beautiful work, Heba! A world of peace begins with only one person. A person who believes in peace, and consolidation of differences beyond that of fighting. Someone who believes in life over death. This is a beautiful work, Heba. And hope everyone can see this painting one day! It's more beautiful than anyone can even imagine.

        01-14-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I think this is a wonderful idea. I hope this is what heaven is like. Heba sounds like a very special name. Your writing seems to be off to a good start! Thanks, Anthony

        06-20-2003     Kattie Reinhart        

I like your words, Heba. I also like the picture.

        05-24-2003     Veronica Willerick        

never seen better do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_~

        05-14-2003     Betty Eskdale        

Heba, a pretty name, does it have special meaning? These are lovely sentiments, it would be wonderful if the world were full of goodness and love.

        05-04-2003     hedwig        

WOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! *falls of chair then gets back on* You are like a poet, I wouldn't b e suprised if yopu had your own book. You have a heart of gold, you are great!

        04-08-2003     Regina S.        

Awsome poem!! Although I've never been able to fing a painting like you descibed and I don't think I ever will so I guess words will just have to do. "sigh" anyway... great poem!! :1

        03-26-2003     Meg Horner        

i feel your painting of love....

        03-25-2003     Janet Owenby        

You know how much I love this poem so glad it is here on front page for the world to read, keep wrting little angel, I will keep reading and scoring.

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