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Why do people fear death?

by Dian Bagent (Age: 29)
copyright 01-21-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

Why do people fear death
when they know they cannot change fate?
Why do they fear their last breath?
Why is their fear so great?

Is it because they fear the end?
Are they afraid it will hurt?
Are there ties left to amend?
Or do they not want to leave this world's comfort?

Do they fear where they will go?
An eternity in paradise, or eternal torment and death,
Where will you go after your last breath?

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        06-09-2005     Jack Curson        

I agree with Debra, at the root of death is a sinking doubt in the pit of ones stomach. An uncertainty that cannot be comforted through logical means, but can be reached by the extended hand of faith. Good Write.

        06-10-2004     tigerlilly        

Wow, this is a really good poem. I think that people fear death just because they do not know what to expect. What will lie ahead is the question, and is our faith true to what we have believed for our entire lives?

        11-01-2003     Debra Rose        

In the words of Socrates: "We fear death because we think we are wise! The fear of the death is the thought that we know something Horrible will waiting afterwards! Kill me if you will. I would like to see what's on the other side and start a brand new adventure! This one has gotten so old..."

It is at death that we are faced with all the questions we refuse to answer when we have the chance. All the "what ifs" we never think about. They all come back then. And the thought that those "what ifs", such as "What if our religion is wrong" "What if there is/isn't a god" might be true.

Amazing job Dian. Beautiful, masterfully put. Very sagacious for one so young. You have an amazing ability to see so deeply into things.

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