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Call Me, Beep Me I'm Kim Posssible

by hedwig (Age: 25)
copyright 02-07-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

"It's a new day." said Kim. She got dressed. Kim wore the usual. It was a green sports shirt, white shoes, and blue jeans. She combed her reddish, brownish hair. She had eggs with orange juice. She picked up her fork. Then, ate as if it were her last meal. In other words super fast. If that's a word? Well anyways back to the story Kim's father drinked his coffee, while he read the newspaper.Her mom went to the hospital because she is a surgerist(person that does surgery on people)Kim's dad read the paper, and went to his lab. He is a scientist. Jim and Tim, Kim's twin bothers carried their troublemaker-self to school. Kim went to school too.(Jim,Tim-Elemantary Kim-High School)She opened the door. Kim opened her locker. She has a computer to communicate with a third grade genius named Wade. Wade helps Kim on the missions. Wade said on the computer,"In Tokyo Dr. Draken is controlling everyone." Kim went to Ron, and said,"Come on were going to Tokyo!" Rufus said,"Me too?!" Kim said," Of course." Rufus cheered. Ron said,"TOKYO ON A FRIDAY, YEAH!!!!" They went to Toyko. All these people had red buttons on their head. They said,"DR. Draken rules the world." Ron said,"I'm freaked out!" Rufus climbed Ron's head then fell on the button. The person said,"WOW! Kim Possible!" Ron, Kim, and Rufus clicked on all the buttons. Dr. Draken, and Shigo went on their jet. Luckily, Ron and Kim grabbed on.Rufus is a naked mole rat of Ron's, he's hiding in Ron's pocket) Kim, ad Ron beat Shigo, then Draken took Shigo, and ran off. Kim said,"Mission complete!"

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