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Love's Burning Flame

by Janet Owenby
copyright 03-07-2003

Age Rating: 18 +

Thy garden grow'th innocence...purity,
thy eyes speak'th mock obscurity,
unobtainable fruits,
unretainable roots.

Thy passion leaveth unquenchable thirst,
thy zealous ember eternally curse,
unendurable fire,
incurable desire.

Thy shrouded glory unrevealed,
thy infernal ora concealed,
perpetual kiss,
immortal bliss.

Beholden faithfully to thee,
heart's hemorrhaging a plea,
for thee it churns,
for thee it burns.

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        03-10-2003     Barry Clopton Lanier        

Janet, adorable style and presentation, looking forward to reading more......

        03-08-2003     Pepper Basham        

I like it. It's very poignant!

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