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I Am

by Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli (Age: 30)
copyright 03-20-2003

Age Rating: 16 +

I am a girl.
I wonder about life.
I see strange things.
I am extremely confused.

I pretend they're gone.
I feel empty inside.
I touch my heart.
I worry about life.
I am very scared.

I understand it now.
I say "I know"
I dream about them.
I try to watch.
I hope they'll stay.
I am strong willed.

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        08-03-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This poem was short and very direct. It got right to the point and said everything that needed saying; a very suitable formatting for a poem of this type. Good work! It's important not to forget our ideals, even if they're from when we we're younger.

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-14-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

Good poem.Sincerely,Eric

        03-30-2009     Richard Reed Jr        

I say your name on a comment, and thought "Gee, I haven't read you for a while, so I dropped by and thought I would read this. while short it's good. Your skill is expressing who you are.
Bravo this is another excellent portrait of you.
Thanks for the read.


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