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An Ode to Nature

by Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli (Age: 30)
copyright 04-14-2003

Age Rating: 10 +
An Ode to Nature
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Blue Skies

Waking up I kindly see
a blue sky waiting out for me.
I look and see the sun shining bright.
It looks as if it were never night.

Green forests

I went to an enchanting place
and saw a green enchanting face.
It was the face of an old spruce tree
that grew tall, and strong, and flowingly free.

Purple Mountains

I looked up at the purple mountains
that spread freely like a water fountain.
Out of all of those mountains I have to say,
I'll climb the biggest one out there, someday.

The colors of life

All around us life uncurls.
All the little boys and girls
tend to express with lots of colors,
their love for animals, plants and others.

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        06-19-2008     Emily Briggs        

It's beautiful, enchanting piece...

I love nature so, and I wrote my own haiku called "Moon Flower" that dedicates to the moon flowers. Keep on writing poems and haiku, okay? Because these are really good!

        10-24-2007     Walter Jones        

A mind rest created, words floating carefully on to the page, images dance freely, I am at peace in a world created, a safe place left to believe in, comfort cast, well done.. Walt

        10-16-2007     Samantha Powers        

You basicly just described my life. I live in the mountains so i never see them purple lol.
This was amazing how you made it flwo and rhyme and made me think of how when the magic isnt there, it is we just arent seing it at that moment.
You peom makes me think maybe i should go take a look now.
Beauty is very hard to find in parts of the world today, yet you still see it for what it is, or what it is meant to be and that is a magnificient place.
I love your work a lot
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