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Freedom is the Key

by Jackie Edwards (Age: 29)
copyright 04-21-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

~A/N: We have to write a poem about slavery in History class. Here's mine.~
Freedom is the Key
Freedom is the key
Or so they say to you and me
Chained in captivity everyday
Working at each task in front of us they lay
Every minute, second, and hour,
Master holds the highest power,
The power of life or not over me,
Freedom is the key
Abolitionists want to free us,
Like Garrison and Fredrick Douglass,
Confederates treat us like chattel,
Always whipping us something awful
We want freedom from them,
To escape this horrible Cotton Kingdom,
As the Union Army draws near,
The Confederates withdraw in fear
The Emancipation Proclamation
Was spread across the entire nation
President Lincoln proclaimed us free,
But it didn't work on you and me
Freedom doesn't come free,
It doesn't fall right out of a tree,
Many a man died for freedom for us,
For the beliefs stated in that document,
"That all men are created equal,"
We won that war of brother versus brother,
And still were disliked because of their color,
Martin Luther King Jr had a dream,
That one day we would all be the same
We are still working toward that goal,
The patriotism is spreading from this war,
And I hope you can see a person's true virtues,
From the way they act and not their skin's hue

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        11-14-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

The insurrection is bold and powerful here.You are way ahead of your time.You spend some time on the pieces you write.Strangely enough,you and David Bowie have a lot in common,you are both not a part of the common mold of society.Your differences are so much of the same likeness.I enjoyed indulging in your creative mind.I believe that someday you will be published and people will read around the intelligent and different you.Sincerely,Eric

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