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Chapter 1

by Joyce Liu
copyright 04-29-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

The animals explored in the field. There was the park, full with people. Everyone watched and listened as each person shared their view about the war. Most people did not know exactly when the war was going to happen. And most people was against the idea.
At the age of five, knowing there will be a war in West Africa, Liberia. I rememebered just sitting with my hands over my head. Watching everyone and having a clue about what their facial expression meant. We walked many miles, just to reach a final destination. Most people had no clue where we were headed, but we needed to be at a safe place.
When I was six months my grandma raised me, until about age five. My cousin and I left Africa to live to the United States. We were going as refugees. Before we came to the united states. We went to a school, to refresh our memories. At the school we learn table manners, direction, and more. Back home in Liberia we were taught family comes first, about culture, background, instructment, cooking, gardening, and more.
The houses back home was huge and many people lived in them. The yard was big, and worked needed to be done to it. Everyone had to work hard in order to eat a meal. Everyone in the community knew each other. Everyone welcome each other into their homes. If we had an argument in the end we will reunite. Such as cooking an african dish for someone. We learned to have strong hope and love for others. Living in Liberia, wasn't hard, because we worked hard and earned a lot. Earning a lot wasn't always refering to cash. Instead it could be family time, earning respect and more.

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        06-24-2005     Brian Dickenson        

Obviously English is not your first language. This is not meant in any way as a criticism. I can't speak a word of yours.

It sounds a hard life in Liberia. However, it sounds as if you still retain the old fashioned values that we in the west once had.
Family, and looking after our old people is a thing of the past here.
Earning here means only one thing, money.
An interesting look at a different way of life.
Thank you for sharing.

        04-30-2003     Janet Owenby        

Some verb tenses need to be checked and that is about all I see worng at the time. Excellant story truly interesting

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