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Trapped Heart ( Kyrielle)

by Janet Owenby
copyright 05-04-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

A kyrielle is a French form consisting of quatrains
with a refrain line that carries, as the last line of of each stanza. A kyrielle contains eight syllables in each line. Rhyme scheme is up to the poet, some popular rhyme schemes are; aabb, ccbb, ddbb, or abab, cbcb, dbdb as The last line remains the refrain and rhymes with another line in the stanza. Rhyme scheme used is up to the poet. Three stanzas is the minimum length but can be as many as the poet wishes.
Trapped Heart

Black shades cover my soul's window,
hiding it from love's moonlit glow.
Darkness rests upon my heart's floor,
trapped behind the pain's wooden door.

Sorrow forms paintings on the wall,
and shadows linger down the hall.
Emptiness forms my heart's decor,
trapped behind the pain's wooden door.

Anguish hovers on the ceiling,
and spirit's white paint is peeling.
Dust covers interior's core,
trapped behind the pain's wooden door.

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        05-07-2003     Nguyen Tran Quynh Anh        

It's beaautiful, but so SAD! It seem hopeless to me.

        05-06-2003     Kay Lee Kelly        

Outstanding, I love the emotion of this piece.
Nicely done.

        05-05-2003     Christine Berthiaume        

good writing, but found it depressing, kinda hopeless, maybe that's what you wanted? But then, I'm new to this, what do I know? Would like to see the door torn down.

        05-05-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Once again, simply beautiful.

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