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WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)

by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 05-21-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

Saw beggar in the street,
I walked on by, hurried to meet...
but then I stopped, turned around
and asked myself,
"What would Jesus do?"
then I knew.

Sherry was raped the other day
called me crying, wishing to die.
but I was busy, then I stopped...
and asked myself,
"What would Jesus do?"
then I knew.

Got an email full of hate,
said please die, that's your fate
I started to type... then stopped
and asked myself,
"What would Jesus do?"
then I knew.
By: Robert Betts

(uh, this is kinda different)

I saw some children crying,
their kite was up a tree
and then I stopped and asked myself
"What kind of person would I be?"
I could care less what Jesus thinks,
or in my place what he'd do.
But then I looked at their sad faces,
and right away I knew
By: Regina S.

(Please note: This is not meant to offend other religions; they are invited to add also. bob)

If the world was dying
too many children crying
no more birds-no sound
just chaos, war, pollution, crisis
all that could be found
I would ask myself and you
"Tell me what would Jesus do"


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        12-13-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This was very interesting! It was a lovely application of that familiar phrase. I remember reading the book for a school assignment last year, and these verses captured the goal of the book quite well. Great work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        07-22-2006     Jane Lee        

Wow... THis got me thinking. A LOT! WWJD... I never really took it seriously but now that I read this poem, I want to use Jesus as my example. Anyway, GREAT POEM! (-.- I can't find a single thing wrong!)

Jane of the Commenting Crusaders

        07-19-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

Good...No perfect write!! Maybe we shoudl as well ask our selves what He would do. haha I do all the time. Awesome write!!

        12-11-2004     David Pekrul        

To understand what Jesus would do, we must not only know who He is, but allow Him to be the centre of our life.
This is a great poem for thought and reflection.

David Pekrul

        11-11-2003     Paul Kangas        

Very good. I wish I could help and edit but the poem is already perfect and my edit would be stupid but maybe I should try anyways.

        05-29-2003     Irina Guschina        

A great idea! Wonderful poem without the end.I am reading first time. I'll write soon.- Irina.

        05-21-2003     Regina S.        

I hope you don't mind but I usually like to put a twist on things. ^-^

        05-21-2003     Janet Owenby        

Robert this is an excellant poem.

        05-21-2003     Robert Betts        

Hi... ahhh to those who add, please add a comment so we can tell what you added. (the first three stanzas are mine)


        05-21-2003     Moses Hochstetler        

Robert: I think this might be the first of your poems I have read. I'll have to go to your Author's page and find more. Good job, and so profound. Moses

        05-21-2003     Robert Betts        

Hi, I am offering an open invitation to everyone to edit this and add more to it. In this particular case, I am also opening this to editing whatever is there, not just add to it.


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