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Where Do I Belong?

by Haley Thistle (Age: 28)
copyright 05-24-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

Kylie stood alone on the beach wondering if she should stay or go back to her own home. She had been threw so much with her new friends. The daring Red, the crazy numbskull Gray, the young and sweet Pink, and then the handsome kind loving barve Blue. She sat down on the sand and hugged her knees. "What's the right thing to do. Back home dad needs me, and here...they need me."
"But who do you need?"
Kylie turned her head to see the wise Saturn. "Oh Saturn! I don't know what to do...I'm confused I'm lost!" Kylie said standing up.
"Who do you need the most Ms Kylie? The one's whom are your family, or those whom need your guidance?"
Kylie looked at the shore and her feet, "I've been thinking about this for a long time Saturn." She said.
Saturn nodded her head, "Go on?"
Kylie walke dup to Saturn and whispered into her ear. "If that is your choice." Saturn waved her wand then her and Kylie vanished.
Blue was sitting on the porch of the winter house the waterfall rumbling loudly in his ears. "Do you think she'll ever come back Blue?" Pink asked.
"I hope so Pink, I sure hope so."
"But...she loves you." Pink said.
"Sometimes love dies and sometimes it hurts." Blue said jumping off the rail and putting Pink on his shoulders. Red walke dout of the house, "It's just not the same here without her you know?"
"It's to quiet." Gray said walking threw the wall to the porch.
Pink sighed a tear rolling out of her eye. Just then Saturn appeared in front of them. "Good afternoon. I hope you're all well."
Everyone just huffed a hi.
"What's with the sad? Kylie should be returning home any moment. Safe and sound with her loved ones." Saturn said.
"But we miss here." Pink said.
"She's only been gone for a few moments." Saturn said taking Pink and holding her in her arms. "I assure you you'll be back to your golly good selves in no time at all!"
Blue walked away from the others and looked up at the setting sun. "Sue back to normal is what you say...huh?"
He saw on the hill someone running down, "Blue!"
"Kylie can that be...?"
Kylie came running down into his arms he rlong black hair flowing. But with her luck she tripped and they both fell down in the grass. Kylie was lying on top of Blue and she kissed him. "Oh Blue!" She said wrapping her arms around his neck.
"But I thought Saturn said..."
"I came home didn't I?"
Blue smiled an dhugged her both sat up kneeling on their knees kissing. "But what about your family back at your old home?"
"I'm nothing to them. I've been forgotten. And you know what? Saturn helped my father to get a wife."
Blue smiled and kissed Kylie one more time. He picked her up in his arms and created a wind current sending them flying in the skies. "I love you..." He sighed.
"And I always will." Kylie said leaning on him holding his hand. "This is where I belong."
"I'm glad." Blue said kissing her hand.
"Look guys! It's Blue and Kylie!" Pink said pointing to the sky.
"I'll be darned, she stayed after all." Gray laughed.
"Good thing to. I'd miss her cooking." Red sighed.
(This is the story of Somnus Lupus, a story of a girl who travled into a magical world to help a group of strangers unlock their powers and defeat an evil attacking their home. But as she grew to know each one, she grew to her own place to belong.
If you'd like to read the full story of Somnus Lupus tell me!)

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        12-03-2003     Sarah Hancock        

Wow this Is great think you could email me the hole thing I just loved this I want to know what happened. Well got to go.
See ya

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