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Stories are arranged by the last one received. The last 50 are displayed. Others may be found by using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Recent Works
To Jeanne – Jeanne...
by Mike Farr
Blind Bartimaeus...
by Jacqueline Ives
Here Comes the Rain!...
by Wayne Thomas
Kaskaskia Bell...
by Mervin H. Dochterman
by Eric Siedzikowski
Answers to lifes quest...
by Jeanette Foresta
Lonesome Road...
by Jeff Holt
A PI's work is never d...
by phoenix
by Alan Reed
By The Crystal of H...
by Rachel Brown
by Megan Johnston
The Eyes Are Windows...
by Cynthia Baello
A Love He Was Born To ...
by Jack Curson
True Love...
by williamsji
Last Kiss...
by Walter Jones

Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
05-09-06 7+ I can be so nice... yet so mean
  by Shannon Walter
04-16-06 16+ Abortion... Good or Bad?
  by Shannon Walter
04-05-06 13+ Every Couple
  by Geoff Ewing
03-25-06 7+ Research on Pompeii (My History Essay) hehe
  by whitedragon
03-21-06 16+ Matteo
  by Jacquie Smith
Contest Winner 03-17-06 13+ The Agony and Ecstasy of Writing
  by Richard Reed Jr
03-11-06 7+ Fly
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
02-24-06 4+ Breakaway
  by usprincess123
02-24-06 7+ Panic Attacks
  by Richard Reed Jr
02-23-06 10+ Breaking Free of Meth--One Year Anniversary
  by Debra Rose
02-23-06 4+ I've talked to my feet when i was young!
  by Elizabeth Thornton
02-09-06 10+ Cell Phone Monopolies and Abusive Pricing
  by Robert Betts
02-09-06 10+ Diagnosis Unknown
  by Sammy Anderson
01-24-06 1+ I threw away my wishes...
  by Debra Rose
01-23-06 4+ Oops, Didn‘t Mean To!
  by tigerlilly
01-23-06 10+ Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Real Life Wonder Woman
  by tigerlilly
01-23-06 1+ Reader's Theatre: Fun Play About the "Nyms" (rhyming too!)
  by tigerlilly
01-23-06 13+ A Real Disney Princess
  by tigerlilly
12-15-05 7+ 2005
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
12-12-05 13+ Philosophical Essay
  by Sam Hackel-Butt
12-06-05 18+ new sailor from U.S.
  by Kristina Dean
11-24-05 10+ People of the World Today
  by Kevin (Buddy) Ales
11-20-05 7+ My Dearest Friend
  by Elisabeth Hatheway
11-14-05 10+ Modern Day Hobos
  by Deborah Thomas
11-09-05 13+ But I Don't Want To Be Gay
  by Debra Rose
11-07-05 7+ Dream Boat
  by Heather Griffin
10-29-05 18+ reststop cafe
  by William Stage
10-27-05 13+ The Worms
  by Lyra Meurer
10-23-05 13+ The End
  by Lyra Meurer
10-11-05 1+ "They met at church"
  by Shannon Walter
10-10-05 13+ My Fault
  by Emily Quisberth
10-10-05 10+ Fear
  by Jack Curson
Contest Winner 10-09-05 10+ How to Save My Earth
  by Kat Voletto
Contest Winner 10-02-05 10+ Tanya
  by Deborah Thomas
09-30-05 7+ Soul
  by Walter Jones
09-26-05 16+ Visions of a Dream(Chapter One)
  by Victoria Fulp
09-26-05 16+ Visions of a Dream(Prologue)
  by Victoria Fulp
09-19-05 16+ A Dream of Hell (prologue)
  by Cory Jordan
09-14-05 1+ Sailor Moon (information)
  by Anna Tkachenko
09-05-05 10+ Duty and Love (Chapter 3)
  by Anna Tkachenko
09-04-05 10+ Duty and Love (Chapter 2)
  by Anna Tkachenko
09-03-05 10+ Duty and love. (Chapter 1)
  by Anna Tkachenko
09-03-05 10+ Digression.....
  by Anna Tkachenko
08-31-05 7+ Yesterday I Cried
  by Brea Ross
08-29-05 7+ Dear Ol' Melissa
  by Shannon Walter
08-22-05 16+ Blurb From My Life
  by Kimberly Angelone
08-18-05 10+ My Challenge
  by Euna Park
08-15-05 10+ We Don't Hate You!
  by Shannon Walter
Contest Winner 08-15-05 1+ It's for the best
  by Shannon Walter
08-08-05 1+ Namesake
  by Debra Rose
Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
Contest Winner 08-06-05 4+ The Surprise!
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
08-01-05 10+ Change of Fate (A Chance to Live!!)
  by Kat Voletto
07-13-05 16+ The true Genesis of Life
  by Pierre Fortin
07-13-05 10+ The Voice I Love
  by Jennifer Simpliciano
07-04-05 10+ Holding a Hand
  by Jean George
07-02-05 10+ Running Away
  by Kat Voletto
07-02-05 13+ The Glass Door
  by Paul Kangas
06-30-05 13+ The Unknown
  by Laura Simone Hagerstrom
06-28-05 13+ The Licker
  by Paul Kangas
06-27-05 10+ June 27, 2005
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
06-22-05 18+ A very short story
  by Brian Dickenson
06-16-05 16+ The Station
  by Roger Crique
06-11-05 13+ Chapter 1
  by Kat Kamiya
06-10-05 18+ Dear diary: Some old dude got my heart before we ever met!!
  by Duangchai Sut-un
06-02-05 10+ My 1st Heart Break
  by Shannon Walter
05-14-05 13+ Red Light means,Stop
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
05-14-05 4+ the masked birthday party!
  by Shannon Walter
05-14-05 4+ MIXED EMOTIONS part 2 the revised and even better copy
  by Shannon Walter
04-23-05 10+ To Prove That I am Human
  by Debra Rose
03-23-05 16+ The Drifter
  by Darren Lang-whiston
03-17-05 13+ Sleep Death Party (New)
  by Sarah Mahler
03-17-05 13+ Sleep Death Party Unrevised
  by Sarah Mahler
03-12-05 13+ Tea Madness
  by Madeline Cruz
Contest Winner 03-02-05 4+ Bewitched
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
Contest Winner 02-02-05 7+ M A S H
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
01-21-05 7+ Do not disturb
  by Roger Crique
01-21-05 10+ Be Very Afraid
  by Paula Tsvayg
01-10-05 7+ The story behind," A New Way To Say"
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
01-06-05 10+ Amazing Authors
  by Kevin (Buddy) Ales
12-28-04 4+ Happily Ever After?
  by usprincess123
12-10-04 16+ Revelation
  by Stefanie Mendoza
12-10-04 10+ Quantum Omega and the Scouts
  by Andrew Findlay
10-27-04 13+ PUNK EVOLUTION:"the monkey,the man,and then the gun"
  by Jelena Čargonja
10-11-04 7+ Eric, Olympic Champion, yet so much more.
  by Paula Tsvayg
10-04-04 10+ How Many Fingers?
  by Kevin (Buddy) Ales
10-02-04 10+ The Lonely Sand Dollar
  by tigerlilly
09-22-04 13+ Truth Be Told
  by Aaron Schmookler
09-20-04 13+ Love in the age of Bandits - A User's Guide
  by Aaron Schmookler
09-17-04 4+ Flying away from the nest
  by Paula Tsvayg
09-11-04 7+ Usagi's retirement
  by Janet Getchell
09-09-04 13+ The lion and the pup --- edited
  by Paula Tsvayg
09-05-04 10+ A Curse From The Heavens...
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
09-04-04 10+ Loved Pet Blossom (true story)
  by whitedragon
08-25-04 13+ Stepping Out…Just Another Day
  by Misty Montier
08-16-04 10+ The Diary of a Dying Kitten
  by Paula Tsvayg
08-12-04 13+ On Forgiveness
  by Heather Jackson
08-05-04 10+ Andrea ----- the edited and changed version with a surprise confrontation
  by Paula Tsvayg
08-03-04 7+ The Bible and the Check
  by Paula Tsvayg
Contest Winner 07-31-04 10+ Good Things Take Time
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
07-30-04 10+ Careful what you say
  by Paula Tsvayg

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